Official German and French Guild Wars 2 Wikis Launch Today

The Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 Wikis

For the uninitiated, a quick definition: wikis are websites where fans document a particular subject about which they are knowledgeable (i.e., a video game), creating articles about each and every aspect of that subject. A wiki can be a fantastic collaborative tool when it is fueled by the power and knowledge of fan communities. While the wiki content may not be coming from the creative source (i.e., a video game studio), self-policing wiki communities are usually very good about making sure that the information provided is accurate.

Wikis have been used for almost as long as the Internet can remember—since 1994, according to Wikipedia. The first Guild Wars wiki was launched just a month after the original game was released. Seven years later, the official Guild Wars wiki has grown to host more than 20,000 articles, and has been accessed more than 1.6 billion times. The community has grown close to 70,000 registered users and an impressive 1,162 players are actively updating the wiki, which features articles ranging from the tiniest details of the game to general campaign overviews.

Throughout the last seven years, we’ve supported this community and the wiki tool, which we host in order to offer the community the best service possible. We link to wiki articles directly from within Guild Wars and from our websites, and we also interact with the players directly on the wiki via user and discussion pages.

In 2007, it was only natural to offer players a similar platform to document and follow the development of Guild Wars 2 by launching the official Guild Wars 2 wiki. Although the gw2 gold is still evolving, it already boasts more than 4,700 articles, with new pages added every day—and that number has been growing even faster since the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event in April.
International Guild Wars 2 Wikis

Over the years, we’ve seen other Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 wikis appear around the world. Some of these wikis have had a more specialized focus, while others were simply created by passionate editors who wanted to document the games in other languages. Several months ago, we began coordinating with some diverse wiki veterans who have done an incredible job creating the right environment for their respective communities. And now, after months of work, we are proud to announce the release of the brand-new Guild Wars 2 German and French wikis.

While these new wikis are primed and ready for everyone to read, they’re not as complete and up-to-date as the English Guild Wars 2 wiki, which has already enjoyed years of content development. These wikis need community support, so we encourage players to register on the wiki of their preferred language, and to contribute by adding or editing content. Since there are very few members of ArenaNet who speak German or French, we won’t be able to interact directly, but I will personally be in touch with various members of the wikis, and I will be listening to the feedback and requests of the wiki communities.

Last, but not least, we’re also working on a Spanish cheap gw2 gold! It’s not ready yet, but development is underway. Keep an eye on our social networks for further information about the Spanish Guild Wars 2 wiki, which will round out the Guild Wars 2 wiki family.

If this article has got you excited about wikis, or just made you curious about how they work, a good place to get started is the Guild Wars 2 wiki help center. Whether you’ve got a piece of news to add or you’d like to write one of the missing articles, feel free to create an account and get involved!

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