Best Tips for Leveling Fast in Guild Wars 2

After many years gone by since the hit title Guild Wars, ArenaNet re-creates the adrenaline-inducing excitement for MMO fans with the latest Guild Wars 2 title that is hitting stores this August 28, 2012. Similarly to its ancestor counterpart, Guild Wars 2 is designed with the main character progression being via leveling up. As gamers gain more levels, new zones, monsters, bosses, items, weapons, dungeons and so on become available to the character. For that very reason, leveling up is a core part of the game.
The important thing to take note is how leveling up takes a twist in Guild Wars 2. With the introduction of profession combinations, gamers can make use of combined skills and abilities to speed up their leveling progression. Of course the key here is knowing which combinations work and which do not. Basically, combining profession skills is all about finding out effective combat set-ups between the vast number of possible skills for all the available professions across the board. The number of possible mix-and-match is endless. For the game developer, this enables increased gameplay variations, outcomes and gamers’ experience on the battleground.
For leveling up, some combinations empower the character to more easily take down mobs which in turn means the more leveling experience points gathers at a given time. For say, a ranger class may have his/her pet run into a could of poison produced by a necromancer character. This way the poison is more widely spread among enemies. Consequently, an elementalist may use his/her skill to create a wall of fire which is further spread out by a warrior’s skill that sends him/her spinning across the wall of fire.
Other features of the game that can add a leveling up boost for gamers if used correctly are dodging and the use of environmental weapons. Firstly, gw2 gold to carry out two dodges in a row before having to wait for the gauge to refresh for the next set of dodges. Gamers who are on the move when they hit the keybine for dodging will find themselves rolling out of harms way in that same direction while stand-still gamers will dodge backwards. Being quick-witted in the face of eminent danger and making effective use of the ability to perform two dodges, one right after another, is the key to survival and winning fights. In other word, if used correctly, dodges avoid death, which avoids wasted play-time, which means more leveling experience points the longer you stand your ground on the battlefront.
Finally, we take a look at environmental weapons. These will basically replace the character’s weapon skills. The simplest example is the use of siege weapons. When a gamer interacts with it, what happens is the skills on the action bar will change and reveal a new set of skills at the gamer’s disposal. The twist here is that environmental weapons may reveal different sets of skills depending on the gamer’s selected profession and race. Again, ArenaNet has created a vast array of possibilities wherein successfully using the weapons for experience points by taking down mobs depends on the strategies employed by individual gamers. With that said, the range of leveling up speed ranges over a large spectrum depending largely on each gamer’s know-how about various elements of the game and the ability to identify which patterns work for their character and which do not. The leveling race to the top in Guild Wars 2 is thus all about wits, fast trial-and-error and having the correct strategies at hand.

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