10 Tips for Power Leveling in Guild Wars 2

The common goal of everyone who plays an MMO game is to reach the level cap, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. Plenty of players are speed levelers, meaning their main goal is to rise through the levels as fast as possible no matter what it takes.

While some gw2 gold opt to spend a crazy amount of time to level up their accounts, there are still a variety of ways to level up in the game naturally. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can reach the level cap fast (level 80) without having to spend days or weeks.

1. Take on your personal story before anything else. It’s a good way to earn bonus XP, coins and armor for your character early on in the game.

2. After character creation, you will have enough gold to purchase 2 gathering tools. Choose any of the 3 tools (Mining Pick, Logging Axe and Harvesting Sickle) and purchase them from merchants. Once you have purchased and equipped your character with these gathering tools, gather all the raw materials you can.

3. Running around the map will give you added extra boost for discovering the world.

4. Do as many quests and dynamic events as you can. Quests are symbolized by golden unfilled hearts on the map and dynamic events are symbolized by orange circles. Dynamic events usually occur around these hearts. Completing quests and dynamic events helps you gain a good amount of XP, gold coins and karma.

5. When you make a trip to the town, use up some of your gold and karma to purchase materials for crafting. You can also acquire raw materials by gathering.Crafting is one of the best ways to level up cheap guild wars 2 gold. If you max out one of the eight crafting disciplines, you will have enough XP to rise up 10 levels. That means that if you max out all crafting disciplines, you can reach the game’s level cap without killing a single thing.

6. One of the things that slows you down is running around the map back to and from different places without needing to, so remember to use the Asura Gate for fast travel.

7. Before taking on a mission, check your skills bar if it’s loaded with the appropriate skills for your character. Customize your skill bar with powerful spells unique to your character’s profession. Choosing the skills apt for your character will help you fight your battles better, meaning more XP.

8. When choosing your battles in the game, concentrate on killing enemies that are equal to your current level. Killing your foes will help you gain more XP and helps you prepare for killing stronger ones.

9. Completing a zone before moving on to the next will help you level up faster so always aim for full zone completion.

10. When you earn enough gold, trade them for gems in the Trading Post. Gems allow you to purchase XP boosts of different kinds.

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