Guild Wars 2’s Season Finale

I’ve been critical of Guild Wars 2’s living world over the past year. It was an experiment that I thought sounded excellent on paper but hadn’t proved itself in practice. ArenaNet’s goals for the story were very ambitious, but most video game fans — and MMO players especially — are used to developers talking up lofty plans and then delivering products that don’t quite leave the ground. These days it’s easy to let go of some disappointment if we’re promised a flying car and instead get a new four-door sedan that actually works as opposed to, say, a Biturbo that rattles apart on the highway. GW2 at launch was at least airborne, and it had a good foundation to build on. The question was whether or not ArenaNet would build on it.

Now that we’ve seen the last part of the first living world story arc, I am ready to tentatively classify guild wars 2 gold as being in the “hovering” stage of flight. Jump past the cut and let’s talk about Battle For Lion’s Arch — but only if you’re cool with spoilers. Are we cool with spoilers? Cool.

Escape From Lion’s Arch was well-received overall, but Battle For Lion’s Arch is more of a mixed bag. As grand finales go, it hasn’t done a whole lot to set itself apart from the previous release. Blasting Lion’s Arch to smithereens is a hard act to follow, but the impact of the finale was front-loaded into Escape From Lion’s Arch. Battle For Lion’s Arch feels like cleanup work in comparison, as it lacks the heroism and desperation of saving citizens and watching the invasion occur. Apart from the major bosses, the environment and enemies are pretty much the same as they were two and a half weeks ago. And while it was a great idea to give us the opportunity to see the end of the story without having to go through the lengthy and challenging Scarlet fight, it’s a problem that wouldn’t exist if beating up Scarlet weren’t such a pain in the Asura gate. This is very, very unfortunate because if the events scaled better, they would be wonderful; as it stands, they’re overtuned for small groups, buggy, and open to leeching loot and achievements.

It’s rare that I find myself skipping parts of an encounter — and parts of the story — to jump ahead and see the end, but I haven’t yet worked myself up to go back and defeat Scarlet’s hologram after an excellent attempt was thwarted by her bugging out and turning permanently invulnerable. I think that this release was a laudable attempt at turning the final fight of a season into an open world encounter, but the kind of organization and cooperation that worked so well for the Twisted Marionette fight is far more difficult to sustain when it spans an entire zone and several layers of boss fights. Now that ArenaNet has gotten the hang of creating challenging open world encounters, the next step should probably be to re-emphasize GW2’s community-driven approach to buy gw2 gold.

This is going to become increasingly important to nail down because Scarlet has succeeded in getting the attention of a large, toothy neighbor, and I doubt that it’s going to come strolling over for a cup of sugar and some small talk now that it’s awake. I could be wrong! Maybe it’s a nice dragon. Maybe we’ll be friends. Maybe this will herald the dawning of a new era of cooperation between dragons and Tyrians. Maybe we’re about to witness some Dinotopia scenario where it helps us rebuild Lion’s Arch. Maybe the great celestial phoenix will fly out of my nose.

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