Guild Wars 2 Ride the Lightning And Traits

This is the key mobility skill for an elementalist and there are a few things you need to know. First, it goes only in a straight line, so do not use it when there are obstacles that you can get caught on. Second, it aims for enemies and will stop when it reaches one, so make sure there are no enemies in front of you (unless you want to get face to face).

Below is a map showing the distance you can cover. You can use it to determine the distance that you’ll travel forward. It starts at the lost dot and ends where the character is currently located.As far as I’m concerned, Ride the Lightning is the ultimate movement speed skill, but when it’s on cooldown you’ll want to stack swiftness. You can do this in a multitude of ways, but I find using a few key traits and glyphs the absolute best way to stack swiftness. Why? Glyphs can be cast while moving; some have short cooldowns, and can grant swiftness.First in your arsenal is the simple combo of Glyph of Elemental Harmony and the trait Inscription, which grants a boon based on your attunement (in this case air, for swiftness). Add in Elemental Attunement from Arcana, to grant swiftness when switching to guild wars 2 gold, and throw in any other combo of glyphs you want and we’re looking at 24 seconds of Swiftness with 20 points in Arcana (more if you put more points into it). The glyph is on a 25 second cooldown, so you’ll be able to keep almost perma-swiftness up with it.

If you throw in another glyph, say Glyph of Elemental Power then you’ll have over 35 seconds of swiftness, enough to constantly keep it up even before you talk about switching attunements or Windbourne Speed.Of course, that leaves you not using traits tailored to your build, but again we’re looking at ways to gain speed, not to kill enemies.I did some thorough playtesting of this in WvW and found it to excel at getting to locations fast, especially when there aren’t waypoints up. You stay by casting your glyphs, and then ride the lightening, and while it’s on cooldown keep swiftness up with the glyphs and you’re golden.

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