Guide to Structured PvP-Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2’s structured PvP or sPvP as it has become known, is the games equivalent of World of Warcrafts Battlegrounds or Warhammer Onlines Scenarios. The key difference however is that those partaking in sPvP are all, statistically, on an entirely even footing. No matter how much or little time you have spent in the game, the gear you are provided with when you take part in sPvP is the same as everyone elses.

When you want to take part in sPvP you first have to visit the Mists, which is the equivalent of a lobby or waiting area where players can gather to test their setups, skills or gw2 gold as well as practice against target dummies (both stationary and AI controlled). On entering the Mists (you can get there by pressing H), regardless of your characters level you are automatically boosted to level 80, the current maximum. In addition, all your characters skills are unlocked and your armour and weapons replaced with level 80 equivalents. You can customise your character further by visiting any of the sPvP vendors in the Mists to obtain different weapons, armour or items at any time, free of charge.

The entire purpose of sPvP and the Mists is to allow players the opportunity to compete against one another on level playing field. I’m sure we have all played MMOGs where there is one particular person you encounter that you simply cannot beat (regardless of your ability) based on the fact he or she has far superior items.Guild Wars 2’s system completely eradicates this issue, bringing skill and player tactics back to the forefront of what is important in PvP.

When you take part in sPvP you are rewarded with Glory which you can use to buy better looking equipment from Glory Vendors. In addition, you also earn sPvP ranks which also provide random rewards. It should be noted however that any items you do buy from Glory Vendors only provide cosmetic improvements to your character, not statistical ones. While this may sound a little strange, some of the armour looks so incredible it is all you will really care about.

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