Guild Wars 2 Weapon and Skill Details

D/p is going to be your bread and butter for this build you want to mainly stick with this throughout the fights unless you go against something that has a lot of pets like a necro or spirit ranger in which case s/p is very useful for keeping you alive and cleaving down pets with signet of malice healing you for each hit on each pet. S/p is also very good at cleaving downed bodies and stunning the rezzer or if the other team is very clumped up together. When using s/p make sure to have your passive signet of malice because it will heal you a lot. Also know that you have 3 choices of second wep sets which are s/d s/p and sb all viable and should be chosen to counter what your going up against.

SIGNET OF MALICE: I chose signet of malice because of the short cooldown(12 sec) the iniative gain(2) and the might stack(5 might for 10 sec) and also for the passive heal on pistol whip and sometimes dagger storm. Its Best to use this in stealth so not to be interrupted. Dont be afraid of using this offensively for might stacks for backstabs since its on a 12 sec cooldown or defensively for guild wars 2 gold. Sometimes hide in shadows can be better against heavy condi teams like double necro but if theres a spirit ranger ill keep sig of malice for daggerstorm heals and pistol whip heals.

ASSASSIN’S SIGNET: I chose Assassins signet again for the same reasons as malice initiative(2)and might stack(5) + its i feel its necessary for any backstab burst build because of the 15% damage increase on next 5 attacks and with the 10 sec duration on might gain from signets you will be able to get 2 backstabs off at 18-22 might and 15% increased damage. Can also be used defensivly for initiative or offensively for might stacks and 15% damage.Also when you pop Assassins sig your able to get 4 backstabs of if you dont do auto attacks on the target so its best not to waste 15% damage on some auto attacks when u can use that damage for another massive backstab 3-4 times).

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