Guild Wars 2 Ready Up Developer Livestream Ep 10 Notes

Guild Wars 2 Ready Up Developer Livestream Ep. 10 with Game Director Colin Johanson. There isn’t a lot of new stuff if you already read all the blog posts.

Difference between feature pack/living world

  • Living world is about taking the story of our content – more about content
  • Feature Pack – more Quality of Life features, making it more about what your account has done.

Feature Build recap

  • 40 new GM traits
  • Runes and sigils reworked
  • Balance changes
  • Wardrobe – one of the most important things in this feature pack, something we have worked on it for a long time and we have kept it a secret. Key part of horizontal progression.
  • Account bound WvW XP, Legendaries, Ascended equipment
  • Free trait resets, no repair costs
  • Trait system reworked
  • All these feature will help the new Chinese players when the game launches in China.
  • PvP Reward tracks and Gear Unification with PvE.
  • 40% increase in PvP population when we put in gold into PvP back in Dec and that number has not decreased yet.
  • New stat combo, new runes and sigils added to PvP.
  • Unique rewards for PvP that can also be used in PvE (i.e. the upcoming Balthazar Backpack)


  • Players no longer restricted by worlds, instead players that important to you are placed in the same map as you. World selection still matter and is used as part of the selection process.
  • Leveling experience much better, every single day will be the launch experience.
  • Worlds is a traditional way of allowing you to the same group of players. Megaserver takes that concept and enhance it to make it better.
  • Gathering nodes will be changed – you now need to explore the map to hunt down nodes instead of using websites/API.
  • World Boss timers: Not friendly to new comers, the timers are not accurate. With Megaserver now we have exact times of what boss kicks off. There is a 5-10 minute window where if an additional map is created during that time, it will spawn that World boss as well.
  • Jungle Wurm, Tequatl, and Karka Queen spawn during prime time slots for US, EU and China.
  • Guilds can also go in and trigger these world boss events with a new guild unlock – Consumable.
  • Megaservers won’t affect WvW at all.
    • WvW Tournament improved a lot from Season One: Swiss style match ups to balance worlds and give better matchups, more transparent queue system.

Tournament of Legends

  • Given out 2 precursor per region to viewers (if you win the draw)
  • Viewers who watch the tournament can win finishers that isn’t available in the game yet.
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