Guild Wars 2 Hard Mode : How to make it work

Hard mode is a more challenging version of Guild Wars that is unlocked for an account when any character completes a campaign. Any level 20 character on that account can choose to take on greater numbers of tougher foes in exchange for increased rewards, more valuable drops, and the opportunity to acquire additional titles.

This exists already, but has very little purpose. Simply adding a short plot point and recipe to “upgrade” it to a “completed” or “perfected” item to gain access to hard mode tyria. Make the cost fairly high, in the realm of 20+ ecto, plus obsidian and etc. Players should be hesitant to make more than a few.

EDIT : The above device is 400 artificing, the upgraded device would be 500.Using the device, at current, transports you to a random location in tyria. Using it upon being upgraded, will instead bring you to a random location in HARD MODE tyria. Effectively functioning the same, but bringing you to hard mode.

Effectively, any player entering hard mode tryia will have their map entirely reset – after all, they haven’t yet explored “hard mode tyria” at all. Entering via this device ensures that players are evenly and randomly dispersed, and must endeavor to reach a a waypoint ASAP in order to revive in hard mode and make their way around.

Hard mode should have multiple factors.
1 : Improved AI throughout all of tyria, enemies should react to aoe, target players more intelligently, attempt to interrupt key skills, kite players, etc.
2 : level 80 (or higher!) enemies globally, with revamped skills and buffs.
3 : Greatly increased rewards for all content, without reducing the variety of rewards. AKA : low-level areas yield high amounts of iron, silver doubloons, etc.

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