Guild Wars 2 Update Promises A New WvW Experience

With today’s Guild Wars 2 update, the “Edge of the Mists” WvW map goes live, along with some revelations regarding Scarlet Briar.

Today ArenaNet releases another update for Guild Wars 2, and this time we are getting the long awaited “Edge of the Mists” WvW map which offers some unique gameplay and settings for players to explore and do battle in.


The massive World vs. World PvP battle mode in Guild Wars 2 is getting some new content as two key Living World characters, Braham the norn warrior and asuran child prodigy Taimi, have both found themselves stranded in the Mists. Players must help them both, but Aetherblade forces are also patrolling the Mists as they continue to pursue Scarlet’s plans.

“Edge of the Mists” acts as an overflow map in Guild Wars 2 WvW, allowing players to instantly take part in the action and and continue to take part in a PvP and PvE environment. The new map offers different zones that compose the map’s network of floating islands which are inhabited by creatures such as the kodan, ogres, and grawl. Players will continue to build rank and gain loot and achievements while in the Edge of the Mists while remaining in queue to join regular WvW activities.

A new UI is also being implemented in this update that will provide complete visibility on which maps are populated and give anticipated queue times.

It’s not all WvW in the Guild Wars 2 “Edge of the Mists” update, as the Living World story continues to grow. Players will work with two other key characters in order to piece together clues to Scarlet’s true motives. Marjory and Kasmeer can be found in the seedy Dead End Bar, and using artifacts and props from the last year of living world storylines players will deduce Scarlet’s ultimate plan in what GW2 devs say will be a shocking revelation.

The end of the current living story is almost upon us, so be ready to jump in and find out what’s been motivating the past year’s events in Tyria.

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