When should I start crafting in Guild Wars 2?

Master crafter and I’d say don’t worry about leveling guides yet since you have no materials or gold at level 5. I’d save up crafting materials for your second character after you get to the level cap with the first. Or save some mats but pick up a useful crafting profession as soon as you start.

I picked up cooking first since food buffs were not regular drop loot. But like now, food is so cheap on the trading post, it’s hardly worth doing if you are trying to make gold from it. But for me at least, it wasn’t about making gold but not needing to spend gold on stuff I needed early on. Now that the game is a year old, there are less people to buy that low/mid level stuff, apart from rare items that cooking isn’t so popular for.

But on each character, I picked up one or two crafts that I could use for that character class as I leveled them up. So, even “(simple)” items were useful to me. Then you just keep gathering-tools on you as you play the game, which a lot of people hate but I don’t have a problem with. If you don’t like gathering, then like I mentioned, save up what you do get and use it on your second character after leveling the first. A lot of people buy mats to do crafting to level up their next character fast. I didn’t, not buy mats at least, and I’m at master crafter and finishing my 8th class to 80.

So to run it down:
1. No don’t bother early on
a. if you hate crafting or gathering
b. doing it just to make money
2. Yes start right away
a. you like crafting and gathering
b. doing it to make what you need

And I wouldn’t suggest making five characters right away and loading them with crafts, you will never keep up with the resource needs. Well… early on it’s not so bad, lots of mats, but mid levels are where needed mats are a bit harder to come by. The best way to do it is just focus on one character at a time, once you figure out which one you want to level up first.

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