Guild Wars 2 Meta Build For Dungeons

Tried a few dungeons/fotm last night and I was swapping traits almost every fight. 6 domination though with the new interrupt trait is great for trolling the AC troll trolling HotW. He didn’t get 1 jump off and my group facerolled him without dodging.

Other fights like grawl shaman had mixed results. I could interrupt 1 dive bomb but not the other(since he evades). The animation would finish but no damage/knockback happened. Because I saw a lot of this, it was hard to determine if I actually interrupted and only the animation finished or if this is still really buggy with defiant or if some bosses still just can’t be interrupted or if some specific skills just can’t be interrupted. Either way, the gw1 mesmer in me is super happy right now.

This one trait, if actually working as intended for PvE, is going to make it really hard to decide what is optimal DPS. Being able to prevent bosses from doing much will let your team keep DPSing. It can also keep your phantasms alive better. However, enemies doing nothing are enemies not being reflected at. Feedback can still be brought for 1 really strong reflect and mesmers will have to learn what to interrupt, what can be interrupted and what can be reflected.

However, this also means no 4% mantra damage trait. The 6/6/0/0/2 has it easy with swapping between the 2 domination grandmasters. The extra charge on mantras is nice as well. 4/4/0/2/4 will still be a go to for fights like Alphard and the midpoint golem at harpy fotm where you want the warden spinning as much without reflecting. Speaking of harpies, the warden is definitely more buggy than before on this fractal .

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