Guild Wars 2: A Realm Reborn

Guild Wars 2: A Realm Reborn

There are definetely by now alot of things, for that I would completely reboot GW2, like SE did with FF14.

My hopes are still up, that we will see a massively game changing Add On 2015 that we can basically see as some kind of Semi-Reboot to bring back GW2 into the right direction and I think Season 2 will work as some kind of prologue for the first Add On with the Add On bringing basically then the start for Season 3 at the same time.

10 quick things for that I would completely reboot GW2
1) Scarlet Season 1
2) Missing Sub Classes and all the general extreme lack of depthful Character Progression
3) WvW being way to stagnant and not using its real potential
4) SPvP is boring as hell and even more stagnant than WvW, I’m no real PvP, but GW2 is missing some kind of PvP, like the Fort Aspenwood battle in GW1 and GvG which would work so perfectly in GW2 as small scaled WvW
5) The shallow Combat System and unthought out and total unbalanced Underwater Combat, thats basically blending all its shallowness with gazillion of AoE Effects
6) Lots of missing Content and features for Game Performance, like DX11 Support and 64bit Client are desperately needed, and where the hell are Bar Brawls, polymok, Shooting Range ect.
7) No real RP Servers and RP relevant important features, basically no good Emotes
8) Way too much Grind in this Game for Gold and Materials, the game is way too unrewarding for alot of things and everythign thats not locked behind a wall of grind, gets locked behind an even more ridiculous RNG wall or a combination of RNG and Gem Cost-wall, what is even far more antisocial- when I ever wanted to play the lottery, then I’d not play GW2 …
9)Lack of good GW1 features, like a good story gamepaly beign told through Missions and not through such lame and boring 2D screens with 2 standing figures, that looks as if we would play an ancient old console game in JRPG-Style.
Missing Build Temples to make changing builds more comfortable, senseful titles, special Weekend Events, real End Ccontent Dungeons/Elite instances, like the Underworld, the Deep ect.
10) Lack of interesting good features, that are fun, like Mounts, Housing/Gardening, a good Colosseum in the style of console RPGs where you can hone your skills either solo or as party and get rewards for beating it, Reputation System is missing, where the Orders of GW2 would be perfect for that, presentign the opportunity for it basically on the silver platter, better Guild Content, like Guild Halls/Towns/Islands ect.

But I guess/hope alot of the stuff that the community wishes for, is just too complex for simple patches and will only find the way into the game per a larger serious Add on

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