Guild Wars 2 Liadri Thoughts And Suggestions

After more than 200 tries, I finally beat her. Yeps, you read that right – 200 tries. I tried different builds, different classes, but I eventually got her on my thief.I think 200 tries gives me something of a special perspective on her, so I wanted to post some suggestions and thoughts about Liadri and the Gaunlet.First, where’s the lore? A boss this mean needs more backstory. I’d actually like to see all the Gaunlet bosses in the Living Story.I like this kind of fight. It’s not an easy fight, in my opinion, but it can be learned. I had a real feeling of accomplishment at the end of it. Thanks for that, ArenaNet.

However, there are a number of issues with the fight. (I’ll try to keep this short. After 200 fights, I think I could write a dissertation on this.):

– The mechanism for picking up the orbs and tossing them is very clumsy, so it feels a bit gimmicky, since it seems specifically designed to get you killed.

– Some arenas are better than others. This can be a serious disadvantage. In one arena, for instance, the second swirling pool spawns right against the wall.

– The Gaunlet needs its own instance away from the Boss Blitz. Lag kills. One arena gets danger circles from one of the Blitz bosses. Also, in some cases you might tab target to an enemy below the arena (Much less of an issue once you learn to target Liadri at the beginning of the fight.).

– Even with Free Camera, the camera still will zoom on you if you’re against the wall and the camera is positioned behind you.

While all classes seem to be able to do this fight, I would say it does seem to favor warriors and maybe guardians. I had to add toughness to get through this. How ’bout a fight that seems to favor clothies, for once?

Also, I think this fight stressed the limits of my current system. I have a 3 year old rig. It was better than average when I bought it, but it’s on the low end, at best, now. My crappy DSL doesn’t help either.

In this fight, timing is critical, especially in phase one. You’ll realize soon enough if you have skill lag or equipment lag. You’ll know if you have a crappy net connection or your frame rate sucks or your gear blows. My keyboard seems to blow. So, umm, thank you, ArenaNet for making me realize my rig sucks, I guess.

Thanks for the mini. It’s awesome. I’m still a bit on the fence about this, though. It’s great to have a fight that you can learn and tests the limits of your skill, but I spent the last month working SOLO on this fight. Not exactly in the spirit of MMOs. It seems a bit off to award such a special mini when there’s nothing equivalent in the MMO parts of the game. Is there a special mini for PvP teams? A special mini of crack dungeon crews?

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