Guild Wars 2 New Area Dry Top

This new area Dry Top has gotten me wanting to see things from a birds eye view.

How about a new toy in the gem store the Hang Glider. With all the debris from the Zephyr Sanctum, I think making it have purpose for your personal use would be great. You jump off a high up spot and drift down to lower spot. Maybe you are lucky and can find a pocket of warm air rising and give yourself more lift to go even further.

Limit it, so it will only land on flat surfaces and you can not disengage the Glider til you land on a flat area other wise it will drift on the ground til a spots is found. This way no easy jumping puzzle drop ins or crashing into the side of a cliff to get up to areas design for you to climb up though special means.

No I don’t want it to make it hard to land. What I want is the toy to automatically decide if you are close enough to land, though whatever programming is needed. It will not however land when you want or allow you to cancel it while in air to land on a point you have picked, so people will not be able to abuse it to get to areas of the game that requires you to get guild wars 2 gold though jumping or aspects.

Maybe one of the skills that comes available when you get into this toy is Land which would pick the fastest decent and land at a predetermined landing spot close to where you are in the map and maybe do not allow gliders to use them to gain exploration of the map, you can glide over it but it does not discover the area. I just feel it needs limits to keep certain aspects from getting cheated.

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