Guild Wars 2 Improvement

I’d have to agree this is a marked improvement…granted I still nearly vomited when they are STILL forcing the nauseating Kasmeer and cringeworthy Marjorie crap down our throats-as a matter of fact for the first part of the release I was wondering if the rest of discount destiny’s edge-or at least the one male, were going to do anything or they were being sidelined the whole time. Unfortunately they were-here’s hoping throughout the rest of the season the writers remember there are other members of discount destiny’s edge-or that males in some important roles can be a thing for stories for that matter. Normally I wouldn’t care but if people are going to justify polarized writing with ‘equality’ and ‘representing the audience’ then I’m going to hold them to that in everything they do.

Hardly subtle. However, once I skipped that whole foolishness I did actually find it interesting-a claim I could never have made for the entire season 1 experiment, although this released ended very awkwardly imo (but meh-for once they got so many things right it’s easily forgiven imo). I particularly found Braham to be a great improvement (up to about slightly less than average) as he’s no longer just a big dummy with mommy issues. Taimi I never got introduced to-got fed up with LS by that point and just took a hiatus so I never got why people were so in love with her; well I got that it’s because she was disabled…kinda shallow imo but to each their own. However, I must now add Taimi to the few awesome characters they managed to write in GW2 alongside Eir and Caithe…..hmm…..still no males but I digress. She can hold her own as a well realized character imo w/o the gimmick of being disabled so to people who gave the impression that she’s cool only because she’s disabled…shame on you.

I like the criminal connections undertones they have going with the miners but the whole shounen manga style ’I’m super awesomely powerful good guy of mystery but now I will vanish on a journey to fulfill my destiny of mysteriousness but be sure it’ll be of significance later in the plot’ of the master of peace fiasco was a huge “yawwwwn”.

I get what they’re going for with Briar this season…but eeh….that tends to be more effective on a villain people actually ‘like’. Granted if done well it can elevate the general perception of her but….eh, feels like this stuff would have been better in season 1 when she was still alive and planning her little schemes. It almost feels like a filler now.

That was story. I will give them credit-the map actually has features (not mindblowing mind you). I was expecting another Orr tbh. The geography (I don’t like jumping puzzle-esque things but I still appreciate them being there), sandstorm and quicksand are welcomed touches and appears to be in a direction I very much approve-and indeed had expected the base game to be. Events were also a nice touch to help flesh out the map from an immersive standpoint-idk how worthwhile they are in terms of turning a profit but the rewards do seem to have more impact….that could be because you get a flashy chest and lights saying ‘you did something awesome’ rather than them being better though.

All in all half of the story was nauseating, but the latter half really really picked up, most of the character dialogue has been improved, there’s actually quite a bit of stuff that went on in this release as opposed to season 1 releases, the new map isn’t needlessly huge with massive empty gaps of nothing in between events, the map actually has features, there’s the non-intrusive presentation of a potentially interesting sub plot, there’s quite a few interesting ‘background’ dialogue, there aren’t any ‘kill 1million mobs’ event (at least not that I’ve experienced)…all these things are wonderful imo.

Good start to season 2 imo. I believe this may have swung quite a few people back to giving GW2 another shot-I know it did for me.

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