Did Megaservers ruin Events in guild wars 2?

As with many things in GW2, I find the megaserver concept to be a mixed bag. It’s nice to see players in “off-zones” and to be able to do stuff with a few others where before I’d be doing them solo. However, the larger numbers create several issues for me.

  • As Ashen says, particle blur is annoying and makes it hard to see. It also gives me a headache after too much of it. I would be amazed if people find this unsightly mess to be visually appealing.
  • Event scaling only takes into account player numbers, not player skill. As usual, scaling generally results in events with just a few people being fun, while moderate amounts of players generally aren’t up to the increased challenge, and outnumbering the scaling results in the aforementioned particle FX plus a dull event.
  • Load times are longer in some zones.
  • Finding events can be an issue. Before megaserver, I could pretty much count on events being available. Now, there are times when I run around a given zone and find very few events. I recognize that this is a matter of timing, but mine is often unlucky.
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