How do people make so much gw2 gold?

One thing to bear in mind is that a lot of the time when MMO players talk about doing something in a day that would take most people a week they mean it took them an entire day. They might make 8 or 9 guild wars 2 gold a day farming dungeons (or even more), but it’s not because they have some special trick to get that in one run, or even one hour. They’ll be playing for 6+ hours a day, doing nothing but farming.

But also levelling up makes a big difference because even your normal drops, the stuff you just sell to a merchant without thinking about it, will be worth more. It might only be 1s instead of 58c but it adds up fast. Before I got to level 80 the most I’d ever had was about 3g and that took a lot of saving up. Now I could make that in about a week, playing an hour or so a day and just doing whatever, no farming at all.

There are also a few tricks you can use. Sell any crafting materials you’re not going to use, always check the TP before selling to a merchant and learn when it’s better to salvage an item than sell it and when you want to use a better kit to get the upgrade (some are worth more than the item they’re attached to).

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