Guild Wars 2 Dervish

When you’re asking for a new profession, you have a duty to present proper reasoning why you think that profession would be a good fit for the current game.

Bringing classes from a previous installment is not a good enough reason. After all, most sequels to RPGs do not bring all of their professions over. And adding a new profession because of a weapon they used doesn’t make sense in Guild Wars 2, where every profession can use multiple weapons.

If you want to add a new profession to Guild Wars 2, you need to make it a profession that has a meaning. The mechanics of the profession have to be something that is not already covered by one or more professions in the game. Adding a profession that is basically a frankensteinian monster of the current professions wouldn’t make much sense. Remember that most of the balance in the game is centered around a full party rather than a solo player.

So tell me:
What could a Dervish bring to the game that the current professions do not already cover?
What could a Dervish bring to the game that the current professions could not bring via adding scythes to the game?
What makes a Dervish a better fit than any other profession from Guild Wars 1?
How would you explain the Dervish profession in the lore of each of the races?

1. Enchantment Tetris. Nothing like it found in any other class. Added depth and uniqueness. That, and people just find them bada**. As a result, they’d be a nice moneymaker for Anet.

2. This is a discussion about a Profession, not a weapon. That’s an entirely different discussion; but if you want my input: having Dervishes would give them a good reason to bring scythes back (a weapon type many have been clamoring for due to its, once again, “bada**ery”). I had more reasonably originally though to simply bring scythes back as a unique weapon type that (currently) only warriors and necromancers could use guild wars 2 gold. More weapon skills, just as a dagger differentiates from a sword, and an axe from a mace. Why scythes specifically? Because they are, to date, the only weapon type that didn’t make the transition from GW1 to GW2 (unless you count spears [instead of javelins] being underwater only).

3. A Dervish fits better than any other profession except Ritualist, because Paragon has been mostly phased into Guardian (stated by Anet), and the Assassin is the Thief.
I could see Ritualist coming back under a new name (i.e. “Shaman”) with a somewhat different functionality the same way the Assassin did under Thief. If you want to use the (flawed) argument that “The Engineer basically is the Ritualist”, then Dervish is an even greater fit, the only one.

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