Guild Wars 2 – Crafting Dyes Can Earn You Gold

In Guild Wars 2, you can craft dyes as a Chef. By paying attention to how much it costs to create a dye and how much profit you can make by selling it on the Trading Post, you can earn money in GW2. As you level your Chef skills, the level of the Dye that you can make grows higher and the variety of colors is greater.

When dyes are created, they are created as Unidentified Dyes. It is best to sell them that way. If you double-click to identify them, you are taking a chance they will be worth must less than they are now, and once in a long while, slightly more.

As a test, I tried opening an Unidentified Purple Dye. It went from being worth more than 10 silvers to less than 1 silver in a single double-click. When you open an unidentified dye that you are planning to sell for profit, you have to realize that you are throwing your profit away.

Selling Red DyeI am going to walk you through the process of creating an Unidentified Red Dye. The Unidentified Red Dye shows up as a recipe for the Chef when the Chef reaches level 75. The dye takes 100 Tomatoes and 25 Strawberries. If you have them through gathering, they cost you nothing. If you have to buy the items, at the time of my writing, a single strawberry cost 58 bronze, and 25 tomatoes cost 35 karma; for a total of 14 silver, 50 bronze and 140 karma. After creating the dye, you look it up in the Black Lion Trading Company (press “O” to easily open the Trading Company). Now click on the left icon for Sell on Trading Post. The image above shows the highest buyer was buying at 10 silver and 51 bronze and the lowest seller is listed at 88 silver and 0 bronze.

As you click to Match lowest seller, you move to the front of the list of sellers. So, even if all we do is click on Match lowest seller, we would be at the front of the line of sellers at this price. We could try this with some of the Red Dye we create, to test the market. If we want to sell for less than the others are selling for, we change the Unit Price at the top of the screen. This dye may not sell with this much of a profit, so I am selling mine at 30 silver, 0 bronze. We will make a selling profit of 27 silver, 0 bronze with a maximum cost of 14 silver, 50 bronze with the 140 karma.

But before making 30 Unidentified Red Dye and using all your existing guild wars 2 gold to make a profit, be sure to research the prices and the profits. Try one or two to see if they are selling. You can make a profit selling Dyes or most crafting items, but be sure to take it slow and pay attention to the details.

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