Way of the Burning Rampart In Guild Wars 2

This build has caused more rage in my wvw and spvp opponents than any other build I have ever seen. I cant count the number if kitten spvpers who have called me stupid for my rune choice and a noob for running a cheese build, but as my old granddad always said “if its stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid”

Full rabid armor is stupid cheap (under 1g for most pieces) and sets you up with perfect stats for condi warrior. 3500 armor allows you to stay in the enemy’s face for extreme periods of time and 50+% crit chance lets you proc Precise Strikes (33% chance to cause bleed for 5s no icd) as much as possible. And plenty of condi damage to burn the enemy down with.

Runes of the Guardian primary toughness secondary healing power keeps you tough boosts your healing signet and adrenal health regen and most importantly causes 1s burn every time you block an attack with no icd. Combining Rune of the Guardian with Sword/Sword Mace/Shield gives access to 3 blocks with which you can proc burns that no one will know to avoid (even my guildie who knows what my blocks do gets hit by it)

I use Doom (poison on swap) and corruption on both weapon sets, I would keep 1 corruption sigil (for obvious reasons) but the others are entirely up to you.

Sword/Sword is the clear winner for Warrior condi application with bleed on aa, crazy leap, ranged 5 stack torrent and bleed+burn on block. Swords burst skill flurry also combos really well with bulls charge. Mace/Shield procs burns on block and confusion on interrupt.

Bulls charge is fantastic for locking down opponents and closing gaps, Dolyak signets boost to toughness and toughness helps tank direct damage and 8s of stability is always fun, Signet of stamina increases endurance regen and clears all condis and finally Signet of rage gets burst skills back up faster. I do swap off Signet of rage for Battle Standard if I’m running with guildies.

Game play:
This build should be played very aggressively, it has the armor, blocks and regen to stay in the enemy’s face. Lead with bulls charge into flurry (arguably a stronger combo than Bulls charge+100Blades) apply torment swap to mace shield and try to stack confusion, if they use a multi hit attack like 100blades, whirling wrath, flurry or any other multi hit attack, go into shield stance and stack 5-10 seconds of burn (I have seen the burn get to 21 seconds once from a guardians GS attacks) then just rinse and repeat until you win.

There are other traits you could use in place of Short Temper and Deep Strike, none of the choices are really great imo. In wvw I take warriors sprint instead of signet mastery because I really don’t use any of the signets that much, seems to me if I’m never looking at my skill bar and thinking “I really need that off CD” then I don’t really need the CD reduction trait. The riposte tool tip really doesn’t tell the whole story, it will block all attacks until it there is a target in range to hit or the channel runs out, which means that if you face away from the enemy it will block all attacks for 2 1/4s. Finally because you don’t have Longbow your condi clear ability isn’t as strong as it could be.

Finally, like most warrior builds this is AMAZING at stomping low to mid skill level players, but it will tend to loose a fight to the death against a really good player on a balanced build. This is just the down side of warriors very passive healing ability’s.

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