Guild Wars 2 Necromancers

n 1v1’s you do not have to fear being shut down by the enemy… Usually, when you got a proper team which checks for incomming, you should have enough time to capture a point… There are but little classes which can force you from it, with maybe the exception of a Hambow – but even for that I am prepared… Usually when a Warrior comes, they instantly pop Berserker Stance, as it also gives adrenaline… At this point you use Plague Form and just tank the living hell out of Berserker Stance… Once over, the warrior has limited options to keep track of what’s thrown to him… In the end, when played well, they will die, or you will have bought enough time for your roamer to come and finish it quickly…

Foot in the Grave – Yes, absolutely run it… When you mastered Shroudstomping, it is the most reliable way in a teamfight to finish people – or even outside of it, aside from Plague stomping…

Your main damage comes from the fears and the way you use Corrupt Boon and your fears… Keep track of those who like to use Regeneration, but got no way to get it back quickly… Might stackers are very prominent nowadays, especially on Eles and Warriors, but neither can stand Chill and having those might stacks removed… Path of Corruption is your best friend against those enemies…

In team-midfights it is all about placement… You should never just charge into the battle, unless the odds are with you… Instead, allow yourself to freecast from a ledge while your semi-bunkers soak up the damage for you… Check if someone’s health goes down, and save your Corrupt Boon for when the enemy wants to safestomp with stability – your teammates will love you…

Save Signet of Spite for the right moment, never use it at the start of a fight since it’s potential will be wasted… Drain the enemy of it’s protection in the form of cleanses, and strike when they are about the percentage in which you feel comfortable… The burst of a Necromancer got nerfed, use guild wars 2 gold wisely (Though the signet recharge helps it a bit)

Of course, there will be always encounters troubling for you, say a Mesmer just shooting you from range (remember, their ranged capabilities are way stronger than ours), but be the right person at the right place and a Necromancer can be the worst to face for an enemy team… Especially if that team has an Engineer who likes to 1v1 said Necro.

Many itterations of the Terrormancer still work of course, this is however what I feel most comfortable with…

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