Flameseeker Prophecies Updated Graphics In Guild Wars 2

Good news to everyone that worked through all of the hardships of obtaining a legendary, and chose Flameseeker Prophecies!

Good things are ahead! Just kidding.

Unfortunately after watching the live stream with Linsey Murdock I regretfully must inform all current owners that it is one of the only ones not receiving particle effects, footfalls, glows, auras, or anything of the sort.

We are stuck with a shield that only does anything when we have it equipped. While others get to enjoy having legendaries.

Now some of you may say “Well I wanted a legendary and personally I’m happy they didn’t add anything! I like having one without all of the fancy glows and auras!”

Well, then you shouldn’t have a legendary if you don’t want to show it off. I equipped my legendary shield after I heard they were doing upgrades to the legendaries. Now, I know I was in the wrong for expecting something and it not happening. At the same time, when you think about what legendaries needed upgrades, I would say focus, shield, warhorn, etc.

It’s sad that she literally said “Flameseeker is one of them that we thought was good as is” When yes, it does look good while it’s out. But why on earth did ones that are already flashy get appearance upgrades, when ones like flameseeker who’s only recognition is when it is pulled out not get love?

It just makes me sad, and it makes me question this year I have been playing. The amount of time and the amount of effort I have pooled into this game seems to be overshadowed with a complete lack of understanding for what I want as a player.

Any while I may not speak for the majority of the playerbase, I feel it is a general understanding that legendaries should be “LEGENDARY” They should have crazy glows, effects, and different things that set them apart from other weapons. If I wanted a glowing shield, I could have easily got many of the other ones that glow. But I wanted more, and I had faith in Arena net to cater to my needs as a player, and I was let down.

After a year of playing, and after a lot of hard work that went into obtaining this legendary, I’m probably going to quit playing. As are most things I do, I see this as a statement more than I do a “I want to quit” type of action. I would rather quit, and never give another penny to them than sit and be comfortable with the feelings this recent update has given me. And I hope other flameseeker owners stand up as well if you feel this was a hard hitting blow.

While this IS a video game and while this has NO real impact on my life, the time spent and the emotions given while playing the game are real, so it goes without saying that this is going to affect me regardless.

I really hope everyone with a flameseeker lets Arena net know that there needs to be a change to Flameseeker, and it needs to be done quickly. Thanks for reading, and take care.

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