Buff Guildwars 2

Please buff the loot drops and combat. So often I feel, why does this have to take this long. If it’s a event or a dungeon run, i keep wondering. We’re here with so many, clearly everyone is focused. Why do we have to waste time repeating certain patterns for minutes long or why does it has to be so hard! For example the Citadel of Flame dungeon path 3, the path is pretty hard to say the least and it has a super boring boss where you just follow a pattern. Much easier in comparison with the parts before it, which should be easier in my opinion.

If you’re a grinder please enjoy it in the WvW, EoM or PvP. But please let PvE be as grind free as possible. Grinding is boring and i wish Guildwars would improve upon it. I hear alot of complaining about it as well, this pushed me to the point of wiring this topic.

If you have a ton of time on your hands and would like to make it unfair for the rest of us, I would gently ask you to try to replace yourself into our position. Grinding can bring a lot of frustration and boredom of which one is some-kind of enjoying. Of course it shouldn’t be a cakeroll, but still. GW1 got nerfed and seems guild wars 2 gold is going the same direction

I do not like the feel of grinding, but I especially do not like the RNG tool. It is really bad. I have been here since the beginning and still to this day I have not found a precursor. Furthermore every meta event they give (Dragon Bash, Winterday, Festival, etc) I would play everyday to try and get the new skins or whatever and would never be lucky enough to find enough “XYZ” before it ends. Then my friend who only plays like once a months gets a precursor and practically everything!

I think the loot is okay, but it is probably because there is nothing I want to buy. Nothing is all that interesting, or it is luck based and not skill based. I rather have weapons that show that I have done what no one else can do. But no, I have a legendary… (seemingly) just like everyone else… yay!

Grinder for WvW, EoM, PvP? I would say no where. It is never fun. I would rather be deceived to think I am not playing an RPG.

I agree that the combat ckittene a lot of changing. I have learned to use my character quite well, then got sloppy because it does not even matter. Now I just face-roll everything… not fun. (and of course if you melee, you basically have a major disadvantage and hardly any reaction time).

I like some of the changes they made, but I am getting worried that soon a lot of the fundamental mechanics will change or simply not be important. This will make only a few viable builds in the game; cookie-cutter classes; no variety; etc. Actually, it already feels like that to a degree.

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