Making 35 Gold every 2 Hours In Guild Wars 2

So hey guys some real cool information I wanted to share with you all on farming real quick. I really think GW2 hasnt changed in the last two years in terms of anything. I mean you look back on two years what have we got? Really nothing, new skins… Some weapons… yeaa… No dungeons nothing but:

The farming has been really bad in a lot of areas but I wanted to share on how you can get over 30 gold every 2 hours. Please read this look it over and consider. Dont troll because I have been doing this for the past year and a half now and I am consistent with 30 gold every 2 hours.

First off this is obviously a no brainer: Get as many characters to level 80 as possible. Get your gear on them get the essence and do dungeon runs first off. COF P1, P2 and do all of the dungeons as fast as you possibly can, get a good group and do a ton of runs. I do all of my characters on COF 1,2 and that is roughly 600 carvings within an hour (I speed run with a great group of guys.) 600 carvings on 5 characters with 2 runs each on 8 mins.

Take those 600 carvings and then buy the level 70 yellow armor for 30 a piece. Then salvage with your best kit and collect the ectos. 3 Ectos= 1 gold easily and I have been getting roughly 40 ectos every hour or more! yes it is a gamble but ectos are more frequent than you think! You do COF then Sorrows with all your accounts then your roughly at 30 guild wars 2 gold every 2 hours with drops. You get a gold plus per run with each character so get it up there. That is one way

2. Check your items. If you look on TP the fine materials like linens and other soft items are going for 2-15 silver a piece. They are uber easy to get you are garunteed them non stop and I have been getting roughly 100 soft items per hour which you do the map averages around 5 gold.

IDK I have given up faith on the toilet, and other items that we are never garunteed to ever get. Keep some noms on you get that 300 MF and get finding guys. It is pretty rough for some of you but for others its going to go well. Good luck and ill see you later

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