Guild Wars 2 Skill Points Guide

Today, we are going to talk about some strategies that can help give you an advantage in Guild Wars 2! If you want to get ahead of your little bro or your annoying friend, be sure to read the whole of this article. To be sure that you know what we are talking about here, we’ll start with an introductory section where we will discuss the basic control mechanics of the game. You can also refer to our recommended Guild Wars 2 Guide if you are looking for more advanced strategies!

In Guild Wars 2, like in other traditional MMORPG games, certain skills can only be learned by acquiring a number of Skill points. These skill points can be acquired on a number of ways but leveling your character is the most basic means to do it . The acquisition of Skill points starts when you reach level 11 and continues until you reach the current level cap of 80.If leveling is too hard for you or you are stuck in a leveling rut, there are also other ways to acquire various Skill Points. They are:
Direct combating – defeat a foe who offers to take you on a challenge
Communing – unlock a guarded place of power in the game
Horde combat – similar to direct combat, although this one is usually activated via an item object
Creature Codex – find a creature codex book, usually comes from an NPC.
Item challenges – some battles give you an item as a reward and this interactive item can give you skill points.
NOTE: Aside from the starting area where you start your game, you can also visit various starting areas which offer Skill Challenges. If you want to earn lots of skill points early in the game, visiting the other starting areas to harvest skill points is definitely the way to go. To make sure that you won’t get clobbered early in the game, a Dynamic Level Adjustment system is in place. That means your opponents’ level are adjusted to fit yours so you can have a balanced challenge as you play.Another way to acquire essential skill points is to engage in World Vs World and Player vs Player battles. This can be quite exciting as you get to play with real people from all over the world.

What To Do With Skill Points

If you are good in harvesting skill points and you are diligent enough in acquiring them, you can spend your extra Skill points for other purposes. If you happen to have extra Skill Points gathered through the strategies we discussed above, you should go to Lion’s Arch in the Krytha area, the starting place for the players of the Human Race.The reason why I ask you to visit this place is because of the Mystic Forge. The Mystic Forge is the great crafting station located in the middle of the Lion’s Arch’s Plaza. This location isn’t too far from the notorious Trader’s Forum waypoint, so I am hoping that you can find it rather easily. By using your accumulated extra Skill Points as an alternative currency, you can speak to the character Miyani. She will tell you a story about Zommoros and the operation of the forge and she also trades Mystic Recipes in exchange for skill points.Apparently, this Mystic Forge trick is not known to many players and you can definitely make a lot of money if you have lots of extra skill points. Important crafting materials and items can only be acquired through Miyani so other players won’t have any choice but to buy if you decide to sell. With the wares that Miyani exchanges for your Skill Points, you can definitely make a lot of money. This is a trick that isn’t exploited yet so make sure that you make the most out of it!Miyani Will Give You The Following Wares For Your Skill Points
Orb of Power – 100 Skill Points.
5 Pieces Crystals – Cost 3 Skill Points.
10 Pieces Philosopher stones – Cost: 1 Skill Point.
10 Pieces Siege Master’s Guide – Cost: 1 Skill Point.

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