Guild Wars 2 Dueling And One-On-One Trade

Having observed this game and other MMORPGs for quite a while, some things became apparent to me, and I’m sure they became apparent to most of you aswell. Most of the point that I’m about to make are points that have had their own threads often enough, showing the fact that everyone knows about most of these things.

Lacking Features

As is obvious to many, this game lacks certain key features of an MMORPG. Most obvious and agreed upon are:

– Dueling
– One-On-One Trade
– Gear Inspection

I will go into detail about this:

Seriously, what is there not to be understood about this? A simple feature where two people agree to fight, and they start a battle to either 1hp, or death with immediate revival. Advanced options like max range to flee from starting point and maximum duration of battle can be added as an extra.

Why this isn’t there already is totally beyond me. How can the company that made this game, with all it’s awesome aspects, it’s awesome graphics engine, it’s very-well working ‘physics’ engine, not create a simple dueling function. They are either incompetent or unwilling, and as incompetence is no excuse for ArenaNet. Why don’t they want to create a dueling function? What’s so hard about it? There’s seriously no reason to not allow it, besides spamming, which can be easily countered by offering a ’don’t allow duel invites (with an optional ‘from this person’) again’ checkbox on duel invitations. It’s not that hard to develop.

One-On-One Trade
Refuted by WatchTheShow.7203

Gear Inspection
Another easy-to-create function that is absent in hardly any MMORPG, and which has no drawbacks. Allow viewing the source of the gear for extra fun.

Edit I do concede that the issue is somewhat more complex. However, as many of the really good items have unique visuals, the criticism that this allows for people to set gear requirements is somewhat weird to say the least.

These three functions have been asked for repeatedly, and we still don’t get them. As I said: ArenaNet has shown to be competent when it comes to things like this. Also, after all the time that passed since launch you can’t really make the argument anymore that it’s just taking long because they want to deliver quality content rather than a rushed feature.

Talking about rushed feature, LFG seems like it is indeed a very rushed feature, though we know better than to think that’s actually the case.

Here’s how an LFG tool should work in my opinion, which I’ll defend later:
You check the checkboxes on a list of instances, you click search, and it searches for people who want to do the same, completely at random, possibly favoring parties with no duplicate classes unless a premade-party queued as a whole.

Compare this then, to our current LFG tool. In the current LFG tool you don’t just enter a queue, you look through a list of parties with their message: “Need one more of this class, or else gtfo”.

This system takes a lot more time to go through, though party-quality seems rarily to be improved upon.

The only possible objection that could be raised is the following: Special needs can’t be catered too.
In that case, just keep the old tool and have a new one with it. Special stuff can still be done, while people who just want their too-small party, or just themselves as an individual, to join a group to run instances with, can actually do so in a nice, streamlined manner. Some possible objections could be:

But herr-derr, this teleporting to dungeon (that will most probably accompany this new LFG tool) will break immersion.
In that case just require people to have the waypoint at the entrance before they can queue up, and you basically have the same breaking of immersion you have with waypoints in general.

As far as LFG goes, in my opinion only one true objection can be made: the social ascpect. And you know what? I wouldn’t even be that much against the removal of LFG. However, I think we can agree that we should have a quality tool if any at all. Not this disgrace to game-designers worldwide.

The (Player Driven) Market

The market isn’t all that bad. However, it could easily be improved upon. If we look at the game wich has an awesome concept of a player market, EVE Online, we see a system that at it’s core is very much the same. The ease of using it though, is much worse in GW2. For those who never played EVE, I’ll offer a screenshot:


I want to focus the attention to the right side of the screen. The big list. What’s so hard about getting some GW2 artstyle to this and get in the game? It would offer a much clearer view of what the buy- and sell-orders are.

I’m not really talking about how the searching fuction works, or the controls you use to sell and/or buy, but the way we view existing orders. If it fits the taste we could have the option of a simple interface, which shows just highest and lowest unless you ask for more, while having the system described for those who want it (basically everyone who does any trading beyond grabbing the lowest sell- and the highest buy-orders now and then.

Somewhat of a Sub-Conclusion

All the features described are very easy to make, should be released with the game, and are very easy to implement in a released game. ArenaNet is spending recourses on all kinds of things, and why they wouldn’t be able to prioritize for 2 weeks (probably less) on said features, is totally beyond me.

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