Guid Wars 2 Living World: Epic Adventures in Grinding

Anet, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. I dread the thought of another day of mindless farming and crafting, and I am now cured of my gaming addiction. You are my heroes.

Jokes aside, though, I always give new content and changes a chance. I’ve given this a few weeks. I’ve completed the story line in my journal. And honestly, the bulk of what this season has been so far is endless grinding in order to craft one of the few event rewards (among other things we have to grind to find or buy). I’ve tried, but I just can’t stay interested. Even my son, who is practically a walking encyclopedia of Tyrian lore and anavid story completionist, is losing interest in the story and the event. He’s never been bothered by event grinding before, but has lost all interested in making his second event weapon even though he has the bug in his bank (ditto for me).

I gave the story journal a chance and personally don’t like it (the whole thing irritates me because I don’t really to have to replay the whole story with each and every alt in order to unlock any achievements that I may want to play with a different profession), but that’s not really the issue. The bulk of my game for seemingly endless months was farming and crafting gear, but my little escape from it in events and LW is now more of the tedious same, the pace of which can be frustrating to downright excruciating depending on the random megaserver you get put in [repetitive guild chat lately: “Anyone in a Dry Top server that doesn’t suck?”]. Very uncharacteristically, I haven’t even looked up the recipe for the event back piece made from the stuff you get from the journal chapters because I know it’s going to take even more grinding and crafting to get it made.

With the way the reward structure is now, there isn’t even the enticement of a special drop (crafting recipes? OMG, no.) or an event-specific title or even a special mini that you aren’t required to buy from the gem store. What do we get now for our story achievement rewards? A box of crafting mats we may not even care about.

Real life can be enough of a grind. I can’t be the only one who likes getting the toy prize in the box for an individual challenge or the meta, or to have gw2 gold us as a souvenir that makes us smile, shows off our hard work, or is a badge of how long we’ve been dedicated to playing the game. I had fun working towards those things and they made it seem like a real progression of time and were pieces that brought back fun memories of past content. I have a hard time feeling that way about this new season because there is so little to show for so much grinding.

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