Guild Wars 2 Karma to Gold

There are several ways to turn karma into gold, the most economic efficient of which is to craft items that require karma-based ingredients and have a high profit:cost ratio.

My baseline for investing karma is the money one might save by purchasing fine or basic salvage kits with karma rather than gold, i.e. 11.43s/1,000 karma. (below, kK stands for kilo Karma, or 1,000 karma)

  • Crafting & selling unidentified dyes: 25-40s/kK
  • Crafting & selling beaded weapons: 15-40s/kK
  • Buying cloth grabbin’ gloves, salvaging results, and selling: 10-15s/kK
  • Buying karma gear that forges (at low rates) into valued skins or named items: net loss up to 80s/kK
  • Orrian Jewelery Boxes: ~1.5-3s/kK, including some value for getting obby shards.

Karma is very similar to every other time gated/ascended mat. Dragonite, Dust, Fragments, Dark Matter, and Karma: all priceless until you have all that you need, after that, they’re pretty pointless. At least you can use Dark Matter and Karma to get a little bit of gw2 gold eu, so why not?

I don’t make much gold, and I’m by no means rich, but I do like making some “bonus” ~5 gold every 2-3 months by going to buy some boxes, along with 7-10 lodestones I’ll just throw in my bank for a rainy day.

Karma isn’t as valuable as you think it is (unless you’re trying to save for a legendary/ascended crafting).


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