How To Get Me Spending Again In Guild Wars 2

Pre April 15th, I spent a lot of real money in the Gem Store. A lot. I mean, several of their employees can probably thank me for their plane trip to China. I liked the occasional toys (the Sonic Tunneling Tool, and the Boxing gloves, etc., may they rest in peace), but mostly it was Town Clothing. I bought lots of individual pieces, and full outfits from which I used individual pieces.

Post April 15th, I’ve been spending next to nothing. I have a huge pile of Gems from my Town Clothing refunds that sits untouched. Mix ‘n’ Match is gone, and Outfits are here. (Supposedly easier and faster to make, but the very first one they released clips with itselfon my character. The skirt shows through the sash on her booty). I am not impressed with one-size-fits-all fashion. And I am especially unimpressed when their first offering had issues that have had no sign of being addressed.

If ANet insists on continuing ahead with the “outfit” system, then there is a simple way for them to recover some RP love and start freeing up my wallet again. Give us outfits made up of the old TOWN CLOTHES individual pieces and parts.

The artwork is already there. You play “Mix ‘n’ Match” for us, ANet! You can easily take all of those old already-existing individual pieces, and put them together into hundreds of different combinations for sale cheap. It could easily be a whole new section in the Gem Store. (Like Pokemon, or rabid minipet collectors, there will be people who want to “collect ’em all”!)

And PLEASE go back to giving every character a free “basic” Town Clothes outfit upon character creation. OUTFIT, not tonic! I still pray for the day when all of those clothing tonics you saddled us with become Outfits.

First of all, the decision to outsource is a financial one and often one to take gw2 gold us. People who work for a company can make that claim all they want, but how good a judge of what should be outsource they are, it’s hard to say.

The same thing with the disconnect between upper management. I’ve been in that management position and there was definitely a disconnect between some employees and me. I didn’t think they were great workers. I didn’t invest the time in them because they weren’t worth the time. That is to say, as a manager I had limited resources and they went to supporting the people I saw as putting that extra bit of effort in. I’m pretty sure those people never felt a disconnect.

So 18 people, no idea who they are, what they’re like, what their work ethic is like, what their personality is like, say that there’s a disconnect? So?

If you don’t work there, you have no idea what the story is. I once fired a guy for stealing. I’m pretty sure if an online site existed for that company to review it, he’d have given me a bad review.

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