A Real Pve Challenge In Guild Wars 2

I would like to first introduce myself and then I will talk about my cause.

I have been a huge MMO fan since the early days back in 2004 when WoW came out ever since the only games I played were MMO’s. Guild wars was brilliant ! Played it quite a lot and I couldn’t wait for GW2 to come out, and it finally did. Almost 2 years have passed since the release date and I myself am starting to look around for other MMO’s, whats on the market now and how GW2 compares to the new kids on the block. So recently I tried Wildstar which had a lot of promise for competitive PVE and to be a hard game in general with a unique combat system. Well…. the combat system has nothing unique about it, it’s basically GW2’s combat system with worse animation. When I saw that this started me thinking, I don’t want a new MMO, I love GW2 and since Arenanet has always listened to their users I decided to make this post with a few suggestions from a hardcore PVE fan.

Lately I log in and wonder what to do online … Dungeons got quite boring after the bazilion run. World bosses you say ? Well after the merger of the servers they get melted on the spot and it really doesn’t bring a lot of challenge. Well yeah there are some tactics to them and some phases but when you are 300 people doing it there is a very slim chance to mess up. As a very competitive player I need a goal in a game I need to know that there is an item out there that only few can acquire only by being constantly good in their PVE mechanics. A legendary item some may say ? And I would disagree, you can get that with just a few months constant farm which has nothing to do with your individual PVE skills. So my suggestion is quite simple. I know you love adding content and expanding the game, the living story has been excellent so far but its not a real challenge for players like me. I do the quests in a day and then just wait for the next part. I would love to really see competitive raids being created. Something of the sort 20-30 players enter the dungeon (after all its a MMO, 5 mans just doesn’t cut it any more).

Where individual skill matters and where working as a group really shows results because like I mentioned earlier on the worlds bosses I see people only standing there and getting loot with out doing any real damage and really contributing to the kill. So what I am trying to say is, I want to see raids! Where I have to learn tactics to bosses to bang my head against the screen for months before I get the drop I need and to be challenged from bizzare creatures from guild wars 2 gold. And I think I am not the only one, a lot of people love this game but some of us find it too easy. Make us suffer for gear and kills.

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