Discovery Items In Guild Wars 2

I have 471 on Weaponsmith and only ^ items showed up Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Darksteel Ingot, Gob of Ectoplasm, Candy Corn and Destroyers Lodestone. I wanted to use to help level up and finally found Minor Sigil of the Night to make. Then Candy Corn dropped from discovery area even though I have all the mats for Major Sigil of the Night I can not discover it.

Iron Ingot show one recipe left to find but I have all 4 Sigils listed for Weaponsmith and see no other options on the Wiki. For Steel Ingot made Minor Sigil of Doom and only one possible recipe shows even though Minor Sigil of Renwal in the Wiki shows I have the mats for it and don’t have recipe yet the mats other than Steel Ingot will not show.

I have Mithril and Orichalcum Ingots but they do not show even though there are undiscovered recipes I could use with them.

Do I have a bug and need to fix something to get more mats to show up or do I have to try to figure out what unlisted in Wiki mats I need to combine with Iron and Steel and Darksteel along with Distoryers Loadstone to clear them out so the higher level Ingots will show up?

If I were you I would assume that if an item doesn’t appear on your discovery panel it can’t be used for anything discoverable. The chances of there being a bug are quite low.

Assuming that you are trying to get to 500 efficiently you are probably going about it the wrong way. It is more economical to get there by discovering exotic weapons than lower level runes. If on the other hand you want to make sure you have discovered everything for some irrational reason though, that’s cool, I can totally relate to that.

Here is what I would do from your position:

Look up the first ascended weapon you want to craft, and figure out how many of each ascended material you need (deldrimor steel, spiritwood, bloodstone bricks etc.). Craft these materials while you still get gw2 gold us for them.

Once you have enough for your ascended weapon buy some exotic inscription recipe sheets from the crafting vendor and level up to at least 499.

If you get to 499 it may be worth making lower level discoveries such as inscriptions, or level 400 rare items (rare swords, greatswords and daggers should actually be profitable to craft).

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