Play How You Want Well Kind Of In Guild Wars 2

Ok with way too much time invseted in the game on multiple classes I want to pick apart “Play How You Want” If you want to play condition builds hey looks like you are good to go at least on certain classes that have more than 1 or 2 viable conditions. If you want to play high risk high reward looks like you might want to listen to anet and play condition build because someone will complain that you pick them apart with ease if they dont realise your actually easy to kill if they are familiar with their class. If you want to play ranged well you might not want to play certain classes because you will be range limited but they dont tell that to new players do they?

I know people will chime in and say you can play any any way you want and yes its almost true keep convincing yourselves that guys!! But heres the catch your going to get creamed in WvW, SPVP, if you dont stick to a couple meta builds for certain classes and the sole meta for others. Balancing a game around a couple of builds when there could be much more build diversity is not a good thing for the longetivity of a game. I know you say well with more builds available people will pick wrong builds for certain areas of the game and this general statement is what you get guild wars 2 gold when you settle for the status quo. Im not the best at WvW and Im not the best at Dungeons or SPVP but Im by far not the worst and I get tired of seeing classes that could be intersting shoehorned into 1 or 2 useful builds. More skills more weapon sets and choices allows for build diversity. A company directing players into what builds to run to have a chance at anything is not play how you want. It is we want you to play how we want you to play.

I know this post will probably start a chest thumping I am uber, the games uber, from some and I dont really care. Dont take me wrong I still play and I still theory craft and take the time to know my classes inside and out but it gets discouraging when you look at the trends in recent updates of shoehorning certain classes into 1 or 2 viable builds. Please dont give me the arguement well it stops players from making bad build choices. Its not play how you want if you cant give players more choices of builds that can work because you are unable to balance a game around skills, foods sigils runes and weapons you created in the first place. We are the customers we pay salaries and keep the company operating by buying the game and purchasing gems.. By limiting the possibility of builds you run the risk of boring players and losing profits due to the players we your customers moving to games from other companies that will actually listen to the player base and not to just a limited few. Remember the days of the frog asking questions and taking feed back? During those times there were many more viable builds and diversity in the game.

I apologize in advace to those that this post offends and hope the forum frequenters can turn this into an honest discussion and that the forum moderators will chime in and with some company responses for the betterment of the game. Im not trying to belittle anyone or any play style I just want to see the game get better and more balanced as a whole.

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