How to make Guild wars 2 awesome!

Hello everyone today i have ideas of my own that can make guild wars 2 better.

1- Easter eggs

Easter eggs are just awesome, when you go down there and find that secret cadecus manor room, or that un-completed jumping puzzle in Ascalonian catacombs make the game simply awesome. Why don’t we get more of these? More Easter eggs. Secret hallways that have reference to stuff in the game or outside of the game.

a- Scarlet’s body: maybe we can go back to the wreckage of the breach maker find a secret cave that has the remains of Scarlet’s body.
b- Zhaitain’s body: Why can’t we find his body (His body was found by some form of glitch but we want an easter egg style way because glitches say this: Hey you aren’t supposed to be here!).
c- getting your party to activate an easter egg where you can fight a secret boss in a dungeon (Hidden one)
d- secret jumping puzzles like the one in the ascalonian catacombs.
e- combining items to start off a secret code that can solve a mystery

AND much more!
2- Different options on our story lines.

Hey we used to have these but we don’t anymore. Why is that? i don’t like it when i am able to get the exact result as my friend. Maybe we should get the same ultimate result which is killing Mordermoth but we should get it in different ways, decide whether i want this dude to die and this 1 to live. And here is where Easter eggs come at. Maybe getting a hidden story line, discovering a secret spot, getting a different result. And since we have the replay episode we can relive them so if we want to change something we can go back and do it!

3A- Airships in WvW

Okay maybe not everyone won’t agree with me on this one but who wouldn’t want a new map or a new WvW feature where you get to blow crap up with your Airship, this can be something to pull servers to work together. and the system is already in the game in the (Mini spoiler) Arah dungeon story mode.

Please give WvW some love!

3B- golem mastery in WvW

okay this 1 is simple: Why don’t we have golem mastery in WvW yet???

4- Extremely difficult mission with extremely awesome rewards

Okay besides the legendaries. Why can’t we have Pro only missions like Fractals of the mists with more rewarding stuff. Ascendeds are a really good reward but to be honest a lot of people can get them. I want something only really skilled people can do where if i accomplish this awesome achivement i will get something totally unique that i will be recognized with “Wow you completed that achievement?”

Examples of rewards can be:

a- Titles (We already have these through achievement points but they aren’t really that hard)
b- hidden titles ( Stuff that would make other players go like “Where did you get gw2 gold eu?” and i will go “It is a secret!”)

5- Better Guild systems (Guild love)

Okay we all know this is GUILD WARS 2, okay umm you forgot something, the guilds maybe?

where are the guild hall/Guild v.s. Guild/(Hey guild v.s. guild airship would be awesome!)

6- More damage systems

Okay what i mean here is more ways to do damage besides being a full berserker or a full condition user.

This 1 is hard to do but would be nice though!!!

7- Make supports more useful?

So really somethings that require group efforts that isn’t “Lfg p1 all zerkers”.

Make support class roles MORE helpful (Because they are helpful in WvW but still we need more)

8- PvP

Okay PvP is a huge thing in guild wars 2 and i think i would need some stuff that can make it better

a- More underwater combat (seriously underwater combat isn’t really used that much in the game).
b- Seige map (Okay let us make 2 forts with large numbers of players where it is like a moba thing and we have arrow carts/ ballistas/ rams/ and yeah Airships (He he i just love massive destruction).

9- PvE

Pve is fine since they are putting almost full effort into living world. But yeah always keep us theorizing what will happen next and keep us wanting more!!! keep that mystery style going!

10- time travel zones

Okay this 1 is a bit hard but why in some zones like Orr/ Lion’s arch we can have 2 versions the old one and the new (Orr should definitely be reworked into a new zone with few zombies!). and upon way pointing we get the option of the time period, since everything is already in the game it shouldn’t be so hard! Especially since Rytlock will probably be cleansing ascalon from ghosts, we can have 2 maps with the option of choosing which to travel too!

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