Guild Wars 2 Gold Mode

I just explained what isn’t cohesive to healthy strategic play, did you actually read my post? The problem isn’t that neither party is required to interact, it is that only one party is required to act on the other. In a good game, interaction is a constant flow of ‘play’ and ‘counterplay’. But in GW2, because of the win condition, it instead becomes a rigid back and forth of ‘play’ and ‘non-play’, or inertness.

Once a person makes a successful first move or gains any advantage, their optimal strategy (the only strategy) from that point on is not to play against their opponents and best them to gain points, but to prevent their opponents from playing against them at all to garner the highest point gain. Dodge, blocks, armor and health, and healing are all the most important parts of the conquest game mode, there is a reason every tourney has 3+ bunkers per team. The only active play to bunkering is interrupts. All bunkering tactics are things you act upon yourself or use to stop your opponents interaction, and all are up frequently enough that you do them largely regardless of your opponents strategy. All burden of play is on the person who has no ability to gain points or proceed towards a win, without any requirement of interaction or counterplay from the person who is gaining towards a win.

That is unhealthy for any play environment, you should be required to actively play for point gain and to win, not actively play for the opportunity against someone who is not being actively required to take gw2 power leveling against you, but only play on his own behalf in order to ‘not lose’. And then once that opportunity is gained, you as well become rewarded for becoming the immovable object.

Under this game mode, there will never be strategic depth, there will never be build diversity. And without those things, there is never going to be any opportunity for it to become an esport. It’s not even that hard to fix either, there are just certain design objectives Anet refuses to change or even take critique on no matter how obvious it becomes that their objectives were flawed.

Add in more varying methods of point gain. Give each map a mobile objective, give each map kill zones; you now have three objectives based on the meta-condition of map control, but which cater themselves to varying builds, open up team composition, and provide for diverse methods of play. I actually do NOT want more than one mode, that will lead to imbalance and cherrypicking map builds, but I do want one mode that actually works.

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