Ways Devs Lose Players & Other Needed Changes In Guild Wars 2

Understand the difference between PvE and PvP and the types of players that don’t like one or the other when creating content. Isn’t the psychology of gamer types required reading by now?

1) Map Completion is PvE. Jamming the last 1% into WvW PvP, forcing players to endure endless ganking and luck to finish this creates negative results. You sour any enjoyment in achieving map completion, ruin interest and create bitter feelings towards WvW (by forcing players to go through it prematurely regardless of their own proclivity) and when players get the rug pulled out from underneath them on finishing a goal you initially set up as PvE, you kill interest in your game overall resulting in players taking their time and money somewhere else. The bottom line – if you want map completion in WvW it should relate only to WvW and not the normal PvE map completion experience/reward.

Other outstanding issues that should be non-existent by now:

Why is there no variety of armor designs under level 50? No visible change in your character gives a feeling of stagnation and deters investment in the character and the game itself.

Why do I need to zone to get to a dungeon? Remembering which dungeon is where and having to zone all the time is non-existent in most games. The standard is to simply warp the player to the dungeon when the party is formed.

Why does the dungeon finder not allow for you to simply que and group players automatically when enough are available or allow a player forming a party to group them? (Again this is the standard in most games.) Players shouldn’t have to check a dungeon finder every 5mins to see if there is a party available. Yes we know you can make a party yourself and wait for others to join but new players or inexperienced players are not likely to want to lead a party.

Why aren’t back-pieces listed on the auction house as a grouping under armor or trinkets? 2yrs this game has been around and this doesn’t have it’s own category?

UI layouts (as well as fonts, spacing, and colors) for many menus are generally convoluted, poorly organized, and too busy. LFG drop downs for each dungeon under the friends list menu is a good example of this. Why is dungeon finder not its own separate thing? Why are social functions (friends list) not compiled with social functions (guild menu)? Again this is a standard grouping in most games. The pairing (LFG w/ Friends list) is counter intuitive.

Crafting menus suffer the same poor design and layout. Why do I need to see every single recipe for a given armor or weapon type all the time? Most of the time you are only working with a couple of recipes given your stage of progress. Why can I not hide extraneous ones or have a listing of what I want in some manner?

PvE content (missions, zone completion, etc) needs substantive rewards – including gold. Leveling a character to 80 and having less than 10g is kind of joke and makes this game feel more like a pay for guild wars 2 gold scheme. Very few of the rewards from finishing PvE content thus far are much to get excited about. Having to buy excitement on the TP is rather underwhelming for a journey from level 1-80.


I bought this game on release with high interest and optimism (having not played GW1) tried it out for 2 – 3 weeks and found it lacking for reasons that aren’t worth going into here and viewed it as a general waste of money. I gave it another shot this past month and found myself enjoying it more and having a higher opinion of it believing I sold it short until being incensed by WvW ganking for dumb PvE design from there those smaller issues weighed heavier and I find myself itching to look elsewhere for a better (more worthwhile) gaming experience.

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