A Different Perspective In Guild Wars 2

First of all, EotM was a big project, there’s no question about it. Anyone who doesn’t think it was a big project isn’t someone I’d even bother debating. Because it wouldn’t be worth it. It was a major undertaking. There’s a lot going on there.

Drytop is also a big project and we haven’t seen the whole map yet. Again, if you don’t think its’ a big project, that’s fine. Everyone can make up their own mind.

But you see, EotM has been finished for a long time and so the devs that worked on that would in theory be working on other stuff. Because you know, they don’t just stand there after their big project is done. Same with other big projects, including the wardrobe and megaserver. Those are projects done. Those people move on.

So Anet had said at an interview they had about seven teams working on big projects.

I know you don’t like the game and you want to belittle everything done, but in reality you don’t really know anything more than anyone else about what’s going on in the background.

Anet could have been working towards an expansion for gw2 power leveling, squirreling away stuff the whole time. You really have no idea.

But it means that between those expansions the content we’re getting is pretty kitten ed good, even if some people don’t appreciate it.

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