Precursors Scavenger Hunt / Crafting In Guild Wars 2

I’d love for arenanet to be more open. Hey if it were up to me they’d talk about things they dream about as soon as they dream about them (ergo we need a sleep to twitter interface or something) but truth of the matter is as much as I agree with Vayne that indeed we do need communication I can also see Arenanet’s wisdom in not doing it. I mean people aren’t going to accept high level stuff… Just look at all the “I can’t talk about it” outrage going on right now. Would anyone here expect a different reaction if they say something like we’re working on improving WvW or We’re working on new dungeons etc.. without any specifics? There will still be backlash if there arent specifics I have absolutely no doubt and we also know they cant be specific cause then if they deviate for even as little as 1mm there will be the there is no direction / Lieing backlash and all that.

And this isnt even speculation, they already tried some high level information when say they announced precursors scavenger hunt / crafting for example. How many people are happy with that communication? I dont know of course, but based on forum activity I’d say the news that indeed they’re working on precursors has worked against the game way more then it did in favor of it. Not just on precursors itself but also everything else completely unrelated to precursors. Why? Because since they didnt deliver that feature in people’s expected timelines now its used as a bases to fuel negative believes. Things like “anet promise stuff but never deliver it”, “they’re never going to do anything that makes them loss gw2 gold eu and you know precursors fuel gems sales so they’re never going to do it”, “anet have no direction cause they keep changing stuff” etc…

Simple speaking communication is a double edge sword and unfortunately us as a community as a whole (generalizing here of course) showed them that we cannot handle it. Ultimately we created an environment which makes it hard for Arenanet to communicate at all.

Just put yourself in a PR person’s shoes working at arenanet and look at the reaction from say the gamescon interviews happening right now. Would you push for more communication or less if you were in charge of that? If it were me I’d probably suggest to avoid interviews where possible cause they end up doing more damage then good.

We basically created a major dilemma for them. If they speak before things are set in stone and things change then that will be used against them on multiple fronts. (and things tend to change even when set in stone imagine before) If they try to communicate but stick to a policy where they dont speak of things before they are set in stone then we use that against them anyway. Seems to me anything they try to do in terms of communication will work against them and the best way which is least damaging to them and the game is actually to say nothing at all publically before actually revealing stuff cause the situation has gotten so bad that we cannot even handle a simple sorry we cannot talk about that for now.

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