Thoughts On Guild Wars 2 & The Future

Okay first and foremost sorry about the forthcoming wall of text.And my poor formatting.

I do hope the devs read this.My original impression of GW2, This game is fantastic … i was dissapointed in the “cut scenes” and the pen-ultimate fight against Zhaitan.Then came being level 80.

I was one of the very few lucky people to get a pre-cursor from the Kharka event and that held me through from originally getting that to around april as i grinded out all the mats and got map completion and got gw2 gold.

After that i was a bit lost with what to do so ran dungeons and the event train in Orr (till that was crushed and i have not returned to Orr since)as the living story was kicking off i found it hard to follow the story and found myself going to dulfy just to find out what i had to do.I found myself stopping playing around the the South sun updates and i would poke my nose in occasionally and see whats up.

i started playing again properly around the Origins of madness and still found myself heading to dulfy.Now that Season 2 has started im grateful that its 90% instance based and is more like a story that i can follow and im sure many others are also grateful.There is still grinding a plenty for the three people that like to do that but at least now i have a clue at whats going on and i actually feel like part of the story.The only thing that worry’s me is the length of the seasons.Are we already at the halfway point for season 2?If we are so that means we have 2 more months of living story this year?I don’t like the sound of that.

Now with the release of the game in Japan and the sudden hush of the Dev’s due to people QQ’ing at broken promises the one thing i do miss is the “state of game” messages we used to get.I’m sure the good folk at Arenanet are working away and are super busy (god help you if your not) but just some sort of the things we have to look forward to would be greatly appreciated.

I love this game and i know there are many others that feel the same and i look forward to the content you bring us in the future.

Personally im looking forward to more story dungeons, Fractals (to a point).Coming face to face with Mordy.More pre-cursors.The Fabled Pre-cursor Scavenger hunt.The Eventual Opening of the Crystal Desert.and the general creation of hell in a hand basket ive come to expect from this game and its constant destruction of Lions Arch.Much love Arena Net … you still have a fan here.

TL:DR: Despite some foibles Guild wars 2 is still an amazing game.

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