Guild Wars 2’s Story Is Linear For A Reason

Guild Wars 2’s story is linear for a reason. Because, get this stories ARE linear. They have a beginning middle and end. It’s sort of what makes them stories.

Your opinion of the story as terrible is just that. Your opinion. And you’re entitled to your opinion.

But less people do dungeons than you think do them, and not just because they dungeons are easy or buggy or suck. In most games less people do harder content than easier content, because people are essentially lazy. It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. It happens to be true.

There are plenty of people who never finished their personal story or finished it under protest because it meant they had to group with people. More and more, people are playing MMOs like single player games.

GW2 is like an hotel that advertise a “pool” and “continental breakfast” but all you get is a gross pool and a muffins. The game has so much potential, but they are not exploiting half of it. There is so many goo suggestion everywhere, but it’s been ignored, hell the dungeon subforum didn’t get a single reply in a year, a whole kitten year.

Living story is great, I like it, but if it’s all we get, I rather get regular content, no matter how much they improved the quality of it since LS 1, at least we were getting other things. I feel like the content every 2 weeks give guild wars 2 gold an excuse to be mediocre, when they said TA aetherblade path was too much work, I died a little inside.

I’m going to quote skylight when he said “people basically have to create their own content” players makes this game better than it really is.

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