Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Future Dungeon Development

There is a lot of frustration when doing dungeons, so that’s why the majority of people generally don’t do them, and this is the major problem.

The problems start early on when you hit lvl 30. New players go inside a dungeon not knowing anything about their classes or skills, because there isn’t a coherent introduction on how to play a role. Not only this, but the new trait system makes it even worse, when players are missing their traits.

The problem continues even at 80, when players want to gear up. All these different stats are thrown at them and they don’t know which ones are to be used. You will be surprised how many players have mixed stats on different gear pieces.

To be honest, they need to introduce specific roles instead of some vague concept of roles that are based on stats, such as Beserker, Carrion, etc.A grouping of these stats into specific roles would be ideal.If you take a look at the wiki, it already does this, but it should be presented in game.

In that chart, there’s Major attributes, such as Power, Precision, Toughness, etc. These Major attributes could be grouped up into roles, where the name could be inside the tooltip that is on gear and weapons.The 4 Power attributes could be DPS.
The 3 Healing attributes could be Support-Healer.The Boon & Condition Duration attributes could be Support, or whatever.It doesn’t have to be these names (DPS and Support). I’m just using them as examples.

This would be a great first step in getting players to understand the different roles in GW2. After this, Anet could start tweaking the A.I. to react to these different roles. They would also need to re-work the rewards system, which is another reason most people don’t do guild wars 2 gold.

Some of you will think that this will set up some kind of “trinity” or meta-game, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter when everyone is using 1 role anyway, and that’s Beserker, which is actually more limited than trinity MMOs.

The other problems that lead to frustration are 1-hit death mechanics from bosses. That’s a terrible way to introduce players to your dungeons, when they haven’t even learned how to play through them and learn the boss mechanics. That kind of stuff should be reserved for certain explorable dungeons and fractals only.

Some of you will brag that it’s easy for you, but a gradual system in difficulty pleases everyone.

More problems with the Party System.
The intentions of waiting at waypoints to zone in, was probably good, but it doesn’t work. I’ve seen many players leave the group because they didn’t have any waypoints in the zone where the dungeon was located. A quick fix would be to have every waypoint at the dungeons unlocked, once they receive the mail to go there. Those waypoints should never be contested either.

The problem of Vote To Kick needs to be addressed also. There is no reason why 2 players can kick someone. It should always be the majority needed.

The problem of the Dungeon Starter needs to be addressed too. The group leader should always have priority of starting the dungeon. They are the ones who formed the group, so it should be their story instance, unless they are given an ability to pass leadership to someone else. It works in Personal Story, but not here, which is odd.

The final, and most important, is the way groups are disbanded. No group members should ever be kicked out because the Dungeon Starter leaves early, robbing everyone of their achievements and loot. It works in WvW, but not here, which is also odd. When players get kicked out of WvW or disconnected, everyone is still grouped.

All these suggestions have been discussed ad nauseum since release, which is kind of surprising that Anet doesn’t know about them, and asks the community to start discussions about them. Do they even have a list? Even if the priority is low, there should be a list. I just can’t believe it if they didn’t.

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