What Are 3 Features That You Wish The Most In Guild Wars 2?

Unbind Scrolls and Tomes of Knowledge from accounts so that they can be traded. I have them running out my ears since I don’t make alts often, and many of my friends would practically give an arm and a leg to just get their alt to 80 without having to spend days in eotm. (I know leveling in pve is pretty quick, and I personally like it, but some people simply hate it)

New PvP mode/map. Though the courtyard was an attempt at this it’s a cluttered and cramped map and the free for all suffers because of it. It turns into five minutes of spawncamping and line of sight-ing. A larger map with free for all mode, or a different mode of play might reinvigorate pvp mode.

Guild places, and more consideration of GvGs. Obsidian Sanctum arena is full of trolling and interference that can’t be punished or stopped, and despite Anet’s attempts to publicize PVP tournaments, GvGs are neglected in a dark corner. It would help to have a place where guild members can hang out together or maybe host gvgs/skirmishes, and be able to boot/ban trolls. Like a custom arena, but with the same gear as wvw and a much larger player capacity. For a game called Guild Wars 2, this is a huge weak spot.

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