Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:remove Level Restriction On Ecto

I’m interested in hearing peoples’ opinions on removing the level restriction on items that salvage into Globs of Ectoplasm. Currently, only level 68+ items salvage into ecto. What purpose does this serve?

It devalues dungeon tokens earned from AC, CM, TA and SE and severely reduces that feeling of excitement when finding a rare drop while levelling. It’s already fairly common practice to delay opening champion bags until hitting max-level (or have your main do it if on an alt). The existence of player workarounds like this are, to me at least, a pretty clear indicator of a problem in the design of a game system.

There might have been a time when this level restriction made sense but it’s no longer relevant. With the introduction of new levelling items in the Feature Patch, this is only going to get worse. Imagine getting an exotic drop on your level 35 alt and thinking, “Oh yeah! Oh wait hang on it’s only worth 18s…”

I know Anet’s recently been on a “this game is so terribly confusing for the poor little newbies” spree, but I don’t see how a crafting mat is particularly difficult to understand. They get plenty of other crafting mats, most of which they personally (on their 1 toon with maybe 2 crafting professions unlocked, if that, and probably not at a high enough level to make gw2 gold) can’t use.

More significant, as Astral says, is that you could craft lower level rares just to salvage for ectos. That would definitely affect the market, probably by pushing ecto prices down and lower level crafting mats up. I dont care about the ecto price, but levelling crafting is expensive enough as it is.

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