Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Changable Stats On Ascended Gear

For me its pretty good, so read it few times before you will start criticize it.


Create elastic gear (since gear has stats) that would work well to help players use many builds, rest them and don’t punish them for mistakes, but help them learn and get better.


The idea would be to create Ascended with one stats and then by mixing it in Mystic Forge with: new ascended insignias (so market is balanced), explorable item (scavenge hunt), and some skill points (sink) to unlock that new stats on that ascended weapon.

explorable item – would be different item (or a group of items to combine in MF) from many contents in the world (gatherables/bosses/temples/dungeons/etc) that would add a bit for exploration and scavenge hunt for people who want to upgrade their gear. (!) but not a grind, more like do something not only pay for guild wars 2 gold.


For some of us changes to the trait system was step in the right direction, but for me the worst part of it I’m still bound to statistics on my armor/weapons and they impact a lot what I can to with my build.

Yes, thats a lot of pain and it sometimes forces you to make another set of gear.
But if you want to make ascended (that cost a lot) you don’t want to make new set with different stat – lets be real about it.

If you can make ascended into the elastic gear that will change for your needs – people will use it more often and will have new goals for them.
An ability to make one of them and then upgrade it to make them ideal for people who want to experiment with builds, and that is something that has to be encouraged in this game, especially with balance updates that sometimes make some builds from good to bad.

There of course will be people who will want to have all stats on each gear and thats great for them too. Everybody would win this way.


Legendaries are extremely pricey, but that cost should be a convenience like unlimited gathering tools.

Basically I would leave them as they are – an item that will always will be max level and with all possible stats as default without a need for any upgrade in the future.

This would work for everyone I guess.
Some people would make ascended items instead for legendaries, but the skin is also part of legendaries exclusivity.


I would use this system also on them to allow players unlock sigils on gear more than replace them over and over, especially when with wardrobe we lost ability to reuse once gained runes, that pains many players.

I would love to see it come to the GW2 as a necessary step when game developers try to make this game more community friendly and that goes towards builds diversity. I see people want that, but without a good tools that would support this it’s still a not enough.

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