Guild Wars 2 Featured Pack 2 Opinion

The second fettered pack will soon be released and i wanted to write some thoughts on the upcoming features and maybe some ideas how to improve them. I hope that you guys will also write your thoughts about the pack.

sPvP Changes

Standard enemy models option – this one was probably created for e-sports and competitive pvp. Personally i will never really use it because i like the race and armour differentials. Luckily it can be turned off, so i guess no matter if you will use it or not its a great thing.

PvP Exclusive armour – yes, yes and yes. I enjoy both pvp and pve but i always thought there should be a difference between theme. The new reward system is way better than the old one, but there should be some items that can be found in different modes only. WvW has mist forged weapons, PVE has live story items and now PVP will get a new armour set. I really like that there will a elite tournament version. Still there should be more items that will be rewarded in PVP, maybe some weapons and mini pets like in the old Hall of monuments times.

WvW Changes

I don’t play that much wvw. Maybe because there is to much zerg and not enough rewards.Siege Golem Mastery is joining the list of WvW ability lines.I don’t know if the golem is underpowered or its not used enough. But it looks interesting. I think there should be maybe a few more lines but i don’t play that much wvw anyway.

Siege Disabler added to Traps and Tricks Outfitter

This looks like this could change a bit of wvw dynamics. Maybe now there will be a bit more strategising and maybe smaller groups will be more viable. Still i hope they will add a few more mechanics to wvw.Commander tags are now account wide and have access to four colors (red, yellow, purple, blue). Costs increased to 300 gold but existing commanders will be grandfathered in.More colours should make things easier, there are to much commanders sometimes that don’t really help. Some players simply don’t turn their tags off when they are not using them. Still this won’t help in this case, but i hope there will be some mechanics that will make commanders use the tag only when commanding. Maybe a way to earn instead of buy it ? Still i think that the price of 300g is cool for the account wide unlock for all the colours. Nice that aNet listened and changed from 300g per colour to 300g per account.The account wide thing was a must since its kind of strange to use so much gw2 gold for a charter based function.New WvW Tournament starting on Sept 12, lasting only four weeks and unique matchups every week

I don’t know how the shorter tournament and different mach ups will effect the wvw tournaments, but i guess that if it won’t work out we still can go back to the old format.Complete all four weekly achievement to unlock the meta achievement and earn the Mist Treader title.I did not play that much wvw last season because i did not have that much time and i thought that i won’t be able to complete the meta achievements. There were to boring. You had to do the same things over and over again, so i really like the new update. That way i hope i will be more motivated to play wvw and get the mistforged gear.


Dungeon Instance Owner

About time. This was one of the most annoying things about dungeons.

Crafting UI

Crafting is an amazing part of GW2. Personally the old system was fine but this one is so much better.

New backpacks added to each crafting profession that have looks unique to that crafting profession. The backpack’s look progress as you advance and builds on top of what you’ve already made.Some new things to look forward to. I hope they will maybe add some new skins to the crafting of armours and weapons. In my opinion crafting items are same as the dropped ones, but there is more work to them, maybe reward us whit more unique skins on low levels.


Everything in your guild—your bank, merits, influence, and upgrades—is now global and shared across all worlds.I am a part of a small guild an newer noticed that this was split. Still i guess it can be a bother.

Guild missions reservation system

Again something that i though it was already there.Ability to exit out of closing maps.A great solution to a great problem. Empty maps are the worst. I hope that they will update the friend finding icon on the map, since sometimes it does not show up while on different maps.

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