Unhappy With The Direction Guild Wars 2 Is Heading

After 2 years, the 3 main game modes for GW2 (dungeon, PvP, and WvW) which contains most of the population for GW2 had have no real updates.

We sure received a lot of QoL changes for PvP, EOTM for WvW, and 1 extra path for dungeon, but that’s it. And these changes aren’t even that much, GW2 WvW dungeon and PvP right now compare to 2 years ago are almost exactly the same. As much fun of WvW is, as much fun as FGS spider queen down in 2s is, or killing people in hotjoin with hambow, after 2 years it gets….stale.

Most of the content releases in the past 2 years are in form of Living Story. And as much fun as Living Story is, it is not a sustainable healthy content. It is boring after 10 mins . World boss is broken in the fact that it’s not “world”, people still join specific overflow so the idea of “anyone” can participate is flawed.

Anet is pretty dumping most of their resources on Living Story, sure it is cool but it just so bland. People always end up coming back to do dungeons WvW PvP after 30 mins on Living Story and never touch it again. I personally have never seen anyone excited to redo the LS they just do it for the achievements. It is a boring and brainless with no skill requires content. It is not even good for playing with friends. Tbh dungeons and WvW are the main reasons I’m playing this game, because they are extremely good content which you can play over and over a lot. And I’m sure most people will agree with me that Anet should focus more on WvW PvP and Dungeon rather than Living Story.

Please use your advantage as GW2 has some of the best combat system and expand on it by developing new mechanics for WvW, modes for PvP, or new dungeons etc

Living Story is a mistake, it is not what most people want. We want update contents on Dungeon, WvW, PvP, new classes, new mechanics, constant class balances, etc Make the game exciting again, wow all of us with your new innovation again, please, no more Living Story.

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