My Greatest Fear Plotline In Guild Wars 2

You travel into a land that has had all hope stripped from it. There, a new “vision” is manifest. It is a land of fear, and with that weapon, darkness will strike at your heart. What do you fear?

Answer 1: I have always been afraid that already-finished content would be removed. That characters I cared about would disappear, and that I couldn’t save them.

Response 1: You are a good person. That you seek to protect these characters shows your gentle heart. Hold fast to that earnestness; it will also be your strength.

Answer 2: My greatest fear is that all of the story that shows that my character is fallible would be removed; a failure so grievous that it would cause the loss of the respect of my comrades. That it would disappoint my companions and become a source of dishonor.

Response 2: It is good to hold oneself in high regard, but better to remember that a hero who is always perfect is shallow and two-dimensional. Keep this in mind, or you will find yourself alone.

Answer 3: I worry that my duties will cause me to continue to watch something I truly care about be condemned to agony. Knowing that I’d been unable to voice my concern sooner because I did not know what was coming would be more than I could bear.

Response 3: Your heart is courageous but also kind. Hold fast to that, and remember that mistakes can be repaired, if you are strong enough to face gw2 gold.

I need some time to consider my answer, Mother Tree. Give me a moment to reflect.

Thank you, Pale Tree. I will remember your wisdom.

RIP Lionguard Apatia: We knew we would lose you, but never thought it would be like this.

Please bring back the Personal Story plot points that have been removed. They are an already-finished product (an already-invested production cost) and I felt like these were the most important moments in my character’s life. Seeing them gone from my character’s Story Journal in the Hero Panel makes me feel like a part of their history is gone. And when I read that the Feature Pack would make story “more compelling” I waited to continue story on alts who had not yet finished it. Now I feel like I should have rushed them through before the update, as now they will never get to meet the characters who I thought were most important to my story.

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