How You Missed The Mark In Guild Wars 2

GW2 is suposed to be a very very casual game, actually i find the UI changes real good, but if they wanted to teach something to the players they should had an instanced zone at the begging where they could make a small help to show this important steps, i guess Queensdale first missions should work as tutorials if reworked for better understanding, also that learn to dodge, its possible for they player being KD while in dodge.

After trying the new leveling system, I have this to say. Iirc, two reasons were given for the NPE.

  1. Giving people more of a sense that leveling mattered
  2. Gating acquisition of game mechanics to improve player ability to comprehend those mechanics

My experience was that the 1st goal was achieved, at least in part. I don’t believe the second will be, though. The reasons are:

  1. If the skills are opening up later in level, but the leveling process is compressed — at least early on — so that they become available at about the same time as they would under the old system, then new players are not actually getting more time to get adjusted to the skills.
  2. Under the old weapon skill unlocks, players got one skill at a time, period. Under the new one, if a player equips a new weapon, they get all the skills their level allows, meaning more chance for overwhelm than the old weapon skill system allowed.
  3. Core systems are still not explained very well, as the OP states. Assuming one knows nothing about dodging, for instance, the dodge tutorial teaches one that you use dodge to get past an AoE mechanic that keeps you from going where you want to go. By level 10, I had encountered a minimalist explanation of the downed state, and nothing about combo fields.


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