Guild Wars 2 Leveling Rewards

I decided to make this post to give some feedback about the updates from the perspective of my Fiance and I.

And to talk about Golems. But we’ll get to that.

For a quick background, we both have 19 characters each. We decided to make our 19th pair today as something fun to do on her birthday. An Asura duo made from Warrior and Engineer in Metrica Province. We stopped tonight at level 17. We didn’t use anything but what we found or got as level/story rewards. I hope the devs find this feedback helpful!

Leveling Rewards:

This idea is something that seems pretty nifty. The other half loves it, and I think it’s a good idea myself. Since the removal of being able to play around with trait points every level after 11, this does at least make leveling up a little less boring. Suggested improvements would be to spread gear rewards out a bit. I upgraded weapons more than necessary, but still had level 3 blue gloves at level 17 by normal playing. Adding Accessories/Rings as rewards would fill empty slots and make new characters a little stronger for those that do not discover Jewelcrafting early on.

I noticed overall that “loot” or item rewards rather was more interesting, this is good. Uninteresting and boring loot is an issue that plagues this game, especially at high levels. There’s little interest in killing much of anything, as you already know whatever may drop is junk. At low levels it’s fun and charming to get guild wars 2 gold, and then your first rare, but after that it tapers off and starts being 90% salvage/junk/etc. and 10% +1-3 points stat increase.

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