Guild Wars 2 Post-Patch: Experiences & Conclusions

However, all of this experience seems to suggest growing issues.
– Anet is over-focused on the Gem Store
– New player experiences are poorly designed and this recent patch did not help
– Some classes are positively awful

I’m receiving complaints that I should use more than three abilities if this is so monotonous. However, I do not feel the need to use more than three abilities if the game does not require me to. In other words, I’m not going to create a challenge where there is none.

Further, this does not say whether or not this class is good or bad. Clearly, it is an overly simple class in the basic PvE world. It is vastly better to level than the elementalist, which is unspeakably bad by all accounts and my own experiences of it. The necromancer pets I tried and found uninviting, largely getting in my way, and not particularly helpful. This should be considered a reflection on my style of play, which is efficiency. Considering I have 100%‘d half the world and reached level 75 in just 35 hours play time I’m pretty I took the fastest route.

Logic behind my efforts toward the character:
As a former player of Everquest 1, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft (beta to present), Warhammer, Star Wars: the Old Republic, Wildstar, and pretty much every other MMO to date I’m pretty comfortable with MMOs. My boyfriend even more so than me. The basic story of the MMO is always the same: until you are max level you are wasting your time. Nothing you do benefits you except the leveling process and monetary acquisition. In Guild Wars 2, monetary acquisition is about all there is going on. So your first 80 levels are just wasted time. You’re not doing anything for you. After 80 you can go back and see whatever you want, but to get started really playing you have gw2 gold. That’s the requisite of this game starting out.

So, in short, this has been insightful and not-particularly enjoyable. My character is absolutely ugly. I have no benefits from this, but transmute stones, and …that’s it. I hope this keeps someone else from wondering further about what the starting experience is like.

Note, there were two people playing this character. Myself and my boyfriend, taking turns swapping out just to see how fast we could do this.

As a final point:
There are things to do in Guild Wars 2 post 80. However, you have to understand pre-80 anything you are doing is a giant time-sink. It’s the same situation as level 1-20 in Guild Wars 1. They’ve extended 60 more levels in this game for the simple reason in game design called ‘content consumption’. You, as a player, must be restricted from access to content or you will get it all, then be unhappy. This is the basic theory. That is why Blizzard entertainment specifically cited content-consumption as one of the major contributors to the decline of World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately following this logic is not sufficient to maintain a contented player population. Players will want what they will want. As a friend says frequently, “People want exactly what they have, slightly better.” Thus, what is in the game already is what people want. They just want more of it (the all that is presently available) and slightly better.” Obviously giving everyone everything is bad. Then you would have it and that would be that. It defines a certain kind of ‘winner takes all’ mentality or simple ‘winner mentality’. The overlooked portion of all of this is giving players non-monetary content: actual Dynamic Events rather than the currently used form that is more like Static Random Events . Though the event is random, the always occur in the game place. A dynamic event is fresh. A truly dynamic event would be a dragon that appears anywhere in the world, but only every so often, or a gang of highway man. These are things that have a global impact, but occur in a localized area. It’s rather the state of the universe that for something to occur it must be localized. At least, that would be the humanly accepted normative currently available to perception. So, while it is nice the Centaur attack Ascalon Settlement no one cares because, well they do that on a timer. I, doing anything about it, is boring after the first time. By the third time I’m doing it out of self interest alone: some kind of attempt to entertain myself.


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